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The best summation of the problems in the Middle East I have ever seen.


A few days ago I mentioned to a friend that one of my favorite things was to tell someone the partial answer to a question, often a real puzzler and watch them go,”ahh.” as they piece together the rest of the puzzle in their heads. Another one of my favorite things is when I stumble upon something that sums up what I believe far better than what I have said on said subject.

While trolling through s “You Laugh, You Lose!” thread I came upon this little number. This video gets across my personal opinion on the Middle East better than anything I have ever seen. The holy land lies at the crossroads between east and west, people have been transiting through this area and fighting over it since before civilization existed. And when civilization rose all that did was increase the tempo of the fighting. Assyrians, Romans, Hittites, are just a few of the long dead civilizations that expended rivers of blood to hold this land, and clearly failed.

The animation is done with a level of care, detail, simplicity and elegance which I really enjoy, the weapons used are surprisingly accurate, although rifles are improperly held by the characters. And I can’t think of a more appropriate tune for this sad story.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, and this is one of the most dramatic demonstrations of this I have ever seen. Governments of Muslim states talk loftily about the rights of the oppressed Palestinians, they don’t really care. Evangelical Christians in this country talk of the rights of gods chosen people, the Israelis to do whatever they please. While out the other side of their mouth they announce that they only support that state because it fulfills biblical prophecies concerning the end of the world. Meanwhile people on both sides continue to die and suffer in a conflict with no visible end, barring a complete deletion of the population of the area.

Geneticists conclude that human DNA is far more uniform than it should be, the reason for this is believed to be a catastrophe in prehistory which eliminated the bulk of our species. Humans have been dying like flies since our species arrived on this planet. This is one of few things that hyper-religious types and those who subscribe to Darwin agree on. And yet we seem completely obsessed with eliminating what remains.

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