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School shootings? I blame the State.



People wonder “How the hell could someone go shoot a bunch of kids?” Other than mental illness, I blame the public schools for teaching every kid that “Everyone’s a winner!” People grow up and find out that life isn’t fair, that not everyone wins, that they can’t “be anything they put their mind to” just by wishing it so and thinking good thoughts, and blame the schools that lied to them for 13 or 17 years. And all the schools that do that wouldn’t exist without adults demanding that they exist. It’s a mistake, and an incredibly widespread one.

I’ve also heard many ask “Why don’t people like this just kill themselves?” Again, other than mental illness, I blame the schools, for teaching kids to be narcissistic, seek instant gratification, and for “promising everyone a pony”, that is, lying to every child to say that the State will take care of them from the cradle to the grave.

People realize at some point that it is impossible for the State to take care of them, no matter how many laws it passes and no matter how much money it steals. It’s impossible for the State to protect them and to provide for them anywhere near as well as they could protect themselves and provide for themselves, and they feel cheated. Because by then they’re adult babies and it’s too late to easily start over. They’re brainwashed to believe in the god of the State, and have no skills for re-inventing themselves as an actual functioning adult.

I’m not even going to get into the discussion everyone’s having about gun control. Because even if it worked, it would be like putting a band-aid on a cancer. The cancer is the problem of people imitating the State. (ANY State, not just the U.S. – Witness the fact that the same day the kids were shot in Connecticut, someone went on a stabbing spree of kids in China, a country with some of the strictest gun control in the world. The guy used a kitchen knife, something impossible to regulate and still have a society be able to function.)

My entire life, the State has sent men to kill children in other countries. One of my earliest memory is news stories on TV about American soldiers in Vietnam killing kids. More recently, it’s been Bush and Obama dropping bombs from drones on to wedding parties killing everyone there just to get one man. Wedding parties contain children, anywhere in the world. And Obama actually targeted a 16-year old American kid who had done nothing more than been the son of someone Obama didn’t like. Seeing Obama cry on TV yesterday about the killing of children was the biggest hypocrisy I’ve seen on TV since I watched Nixon say “I am not a crook” when I was nine.

But I chose, and will always choose, not to imitate the State.

I can’t fathom why anyone would go shoot anyone, but I figured out early that I had to take care of myself while living an ethical life.

An adult believing in the State is like an adult believing in Santa Claus. Even of those who don’t consciously figure out that “somewhere, someone lied to me, over and over”, many of them simply live lives of quiet desperation, being vaguely disappointed that there’s no invisible loving parent to do everything for them. And a very few of those people go crazy, imitate the State, and hurt others.

I blame the State.

Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, the 16-year-old American Citizen born in Denver, who was killed by Obama. If Obama had a son, he would look a lot like this guy.
Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, the 16-year-old American Citizen born in Denver, who was killed by Obama. If Obama had a son, he would look a lot like this guy.

8 thoughts on “School shootings? I blame the State.

  1. We homeschool and both our boys know how to use and respect firearms. I understand why the State would want to ban guns, I think history has born that out adequately enough, but how the vast majority of the population can cling to the logical fallacies taught in the schools and the media is beyond me.

    Perhaps that is why they stopped teaching logic classes and critical thinking skills long long long ago.

  2. I think people miss the main ugly issue of raw statistics. Something like
    1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100,000 will simply be born quirked, and at some
    point in their life simply crack and kill a bunch of people. In an
    urban area this is nothing new, it’s lost in the noise of gang violence,
    and kids who’ve been abused their whole lives acting out. But when it
    happens out into a mainly white area, OH NO! Horror!

    So then we have the other little issue, this is a state where gun control is
    pretty serious, and the school itself is essentially a prison. The nanny
    staters wail and moan about the school not having a “man trap” installed
    or some crap like that, and if it had a man trap installed, they’d be wailing
    and moaning about it not having dogs, and an electrified perimeter defense,
    hell, why not just have a moat or a minefield while you’re at it. lol

    Anyway, even with all of this there would no doubt be a service entrance,
    or some other point where the lazy state workers could sneak out, go smoke,
    or smuggle office supplies in and out of the building. A nut with nothing
    better to do would find this out pretty quick, and figure out a solution to
    get to the main prize. The main prize being, a very large soft target.

    As it happens, this soft target it state mandated, the hours never vary,
    the routine never varies, and as such, setting up some sort of mass killing
    is not that hard.

    Ban guns, no problem. The Bath School disaster used explosives. If some
    other nut is hellbent enough they can make chemical alterations to common
    pesticides, inks, and dyes to produce a number of toxic chemicals.

    About the only way to prevent these places from being soft targets is to
    distribute the students, and to have a variable routine. Unlikely
    as the state has the sheep herding mindset. Herd the sheep here, herd
    them there, keep them penned up, and then carefully distribute them back
    to where they’re supposed to be at the end of the day.

    If it was more like the usual chaotic college campus, a shooter would have
    a harder time of finding a mass of people. Security would also be on its
    toes as there would be no hard fixed routine.

    But that won’t happen, easier for them to put on a little security theater,
    settle back into another routine, and wait for the next round of carnage.

  3. I think it goes deeper than the schools, to the fetishization of violence. The current US foreign policy, the programming on TV, video games, and other media, all glorify the idea of killing people with no consequences. Liberals will call for more gun control, but continue to “support the troops” and cheer the increasing militarization of their local police forces. Conservatives will denounce violent video games like Call of Duty, but still work themselves in a jingoistic frenzy as real kids are trained to be killers, and sent to foreign nations to both kill and be killed themselves, and then conservatives will prohibit the photographing of the caskets as the dead are returned to their families. As liberals hide behind the families of tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting to demonize gun owners and push for more controls, conservatives hide behind the grief of the families of fallen soldiers to push for more wars and demonize those who call for peace.

    The state can’t exist without directly and indirectly enhancing the violence in society. The state itself is institutionalized violence, which can’t be used without normalizing the devaluation of people’s lives and freedom both in and out of its particular jurisdiction. People will now push for more laws of various kinds in an attempt to curb violence without stopping to think how those laws will be enforced: with violence.

    I expect that those within the US government will not let this event go to waste, and will push from both sides to reach a bipartisan compromise that will just end up moving us further from freedom and closer to tyranny and an all out collapse of our society.

  4. It makes total sense to me! I couldn’t can’t resist the temptation to address the gun control issue tho. As you pointed out that China’s populace aren’t allowed to have firearms, so there have been many reports of mad men attacking kids with axes, box cutters etc. over the last few years. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the land & yet, children are shot & killed all the time there. It seems our main stream media is turning a blind eye to all of those because they are poor, brown skinned children. A child is a child in my eyes! As a parent, it is my job to protect my children & yours as well.(also to protect the elderly, the sick & those who can not defend them selves) Guess what??? As an American, it is YOUR job too! Whether you are protecting your family & community from a sick psycho cry baby with a gun, or fighting Gov’t mandates & regulations. It is all of our responsibility to take care of our own!! Less guns don’t make us safe, More guns do!! So instead of passing along a lame FB prayer Meme in honor of the victims, Get your family out & burn some powder, practice makes perfect!!!

  5. I could rant about the flaws in the education system, but Michael just did a better job of it than I likely could.

    With the exception of a few particularly good teachers, I hated school, and couldn’t wait to get out of it. I had a hard time swallowing the crap that I was fed. When I questioned something, I was beaten down and told to accept things as they are, and DON’T QUESTION ME! If I kept my mouth shut and didn’t question, the question would become an acid that eroded my soul and my sanity. I was an oddball in a system designed to make oddballs feel unwelcome and unwanted.

    This was in my childhood during the 70’s, and high school during the 80’s. Has life become any easier for children since then? Not bloody likely! The pressure on school kids to conform increases, and the quality of their education decreases. Adult life gets harder, and young adults come out of this meat grinder less and less prepared as time goes on. Is it any wonder people go crazy? It’s a system meant to perpetuate itself, but will only bring itself down, like another dinosaur thrashing in a tar pit.

    How can anybody, even the most die-hard Statist, possibly think that the ‘system’ is working?

    As Michael says, I will NOT imitate the State!

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