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Ben Stone decides who’s naughty and who’s nice



Freedom Feen Neema Vedadi wrote and recorded a great new rap song called “Guns for Everyone (Except the Government).” I helped out with background vocals. The video for it should be done by tomorrow, if the world doesn’t end, since tomorrow is December 21st. Ben Stone of the Bad Quaker Podcast plays Santa in the video (image above). Santa’s checking his naughty and nice list, to see which kids get guns and which kids do not:


We will be playing a preview of the song today on the live Freedom Feens Agenda show. The Freedom Feens Agenda, live call-in show! Every Thursday from 4-6  PM East Coast US time. Call in on the air to our studio number: (307) 215-5171. Or via Skype to user name kittyfeet1
Listen here:
You can chat live during the show to the Feens at The Feens Chat Page.

Here’s Santa’s full naughty & nice list, if you’d like to check it out:

Santa's list sepia

2 thoughts on “Ben Stone decides who’s naughty and who’s nice

  1. Santa is a cranky former code geek from Ohio? Oh noes!
    But on the plus side, look, he left his magic hat sitting
    all alone, if someone grabs it they get an extra 6000
    listeners right ? Or would you just be haunted by the
    ghost of Ludwig von Mises? 😉

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