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A Gun for Everyone (except the government)


I’ve had the concept for this song and the basic hook in my head for months. A couple of days after the Newtown Massacre I woke up and felt inspired to put this out into the world to respond to the gun controllers. Michael heard it and said “….needs sleigh bells”. I was like, “Let’s do it as a Christmas song”! Now here it is our gift to the world for Christmas 2012.

Feel free to spread it far and wide, no I.P. bah humbuggery here!

You can also download the MP3 here:



A gun for everyone
A gun for everyone
Listen up son, we need a gun for everyone
A Glock for every Jock
Mosin Nagant to rock the block
A firearm for every mom
An A-K for every gay
A gatt for every girl
A Sig for every kid
We need to arm the world
Except for government.

Verse 1:

I wish kids could learn it from Barney
To defend yourself you don’t need no Army
Cops, drones, signs or Barack Obamney
What makes us equal is our firearms. See,
A no gun zone is a psychopaths dream.
Turnin’ easy targets for his high capacity magazine
but don’t blame the thing.
Blame the f*ckin’ person
And the no defense dictums
turnin’ innocent children into victims.
F*ck that!
I say the problem is the system
The status quo. The statist etiquette.
Without the bullshit there’d be no massacre in Connecticut
The defenders slug instead would slip
Into the attacker
his evil dreams shattered
just like that
due to the fact
that anyone can have a gatt
A gun is power.
So why limit its dispersal
F*ck the ivory tower
the mindset needs reversal


Verse 2:

Presidents pretend to cry when some kids die.
Fake tears. That’s the sh*t I don’t buy.
They some liar liars
They blow brown kids to bits
Hell fire fires
I keep a heater by my side when I ride
ain’t fixna be the victim of a homicide
I mean a semi not a Hemi
A Christmas Carol.
Give a gun to Tiny Timmy.
Instead of gay apparel.
So this Christmas let’s be more like the Swiss miss
and realize our homes shouldn’t be left defenseless.
The good kids need at least the same weapons as the bad seeds
‘Cause the beasts always have teeth.
You know what?
We could have peace.
If we ignored the gang in D.C.
and treated every human equally
To pursue their dreams freely
and yes, defend them if need be
c’mon and sing the chorus with me!



Neema Vedadi: Lyrics, rapping, videography, video editing, audio production.

Michael W. Dean: Motown BG vocals, Xmas idea, video notes, cat herding.

Ben Stone: Santa, sleigh bells.

Jessica Romanowski: videography, background vocals.

Brazen Bull Beats: Beat (without knowing what the song was going to be about)





5 thoughts on “A Gun for Everyone (except the government)

  1. Once again, the mid 40’s white guy who can’t stand rap or hip hop is impressed. Just like ‘I Own Me’, your message is, to me anyway, a simple and clear one that needs to be spread far and wide.

    You’ve addressed the issue of the basic human right of self defence, and the tragedy of the Sandy Hook school shooting in a straightforward yet tasteful way. Well done!

    “A no gun zone is a psychopaths dream.” How is that so hard to misunderstand?

    (Putting on minarchist hat for a bit.)

    Dear Government:

    You say you will take care of us, and protect us. First of all, I didn’t ask you to. Second, you’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you’re unable to do so.

    I’d much rather defend myself. Please stop interfering with my ability to do so.


    A reluctant and unwilling part of the tax-paying herd.

    (Putting minarchist back on the shelf to gather dust.)

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