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The Return of Neema Feen


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There has been much speculation as to the whereabouts of Neema from the Sunday show last week. Stepping up to fill the void left by the unexplained absence was Ben Stone from the podcast. A clever ruse was created that Neema was visiting family and stealing time from the Feens. This is definitely a conspiracy!

The speculation has ranged far and wide as to the mysterious disappearance. A radio personaliaty from Austin, TX blamed the globalists. The Westboro Bastard Church blamed the gays. The Republicans blamed the Muslims and said, “This is a good reason to bomb Iran. We can’t have them kidnapping ‘muricans.” The Democrats also blamed the Muslims and said, “This is a good reason to bomb Iran. We can’t have them kidnapping Americans.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Michael W. Dean (the other half of the Freedom Feens podcast) said, “I sure hope he is okay. There was some anger after the Obama’s Feet Stink video.” The White House has only responded with a flat out denial but promised to check their records.

Neema in captivity

Independent investigations believe the real cause of this mysterious disappearance is a simple kidnapping for ransom scheme. It is rumored that the Central Scrutinizer has gone rogue and is operating on his/her/its own. Analysts believe that the CS is looking to make a break from the system and needed some getaway loot.

The ransom demand was made in Bitcoin.

Returning on 12/23/12, Neema appears to have no memory of the incident. Obviously, he is under mind control.

There is an alleged video of the abduction showing Neema being tazed but it is yet to be verified and riddled with profanity.

2 thoughts on “The Return of Neema Feen

  1. Wow, I hope the Neema Mystery can be solved and everyone can live happily ever after. I’m not sure though… I’ve had “A Gun For Everyone” stuck in my head all day, and I don’t even like that kind of music! That means it HAS to be a conspiracy! You’re right, Lou, the Central Scrutinizer has gone mad with power! I’m afraid I’m feeling the effects of its mind control..

    Must… Pay… Taxes…


    I need the Bad Quaker to hit me over the head with something heavy but inexpensive before I start conforming with society!

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