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Cobwebs become cables, how statism emerges in the minds of children.



I don’t really have much to say about the massacre in Connecticut that hasn’t already been said, probably better by somebody else. If I were to say what I wanted to say about the response to this event I would probably get in big trouble. I might be covered under the first amendment but what I would say would probably enrage about half the statists who read it into a frenzy. With that said I do have something to get off my chest which is somewhat related to this tragedy.

A little while ago I sent an email to the Bad Quaker, it was a suggestion for a future show about how rules eventually harden into laws. He thought it was an interesting idea and then I completely forgot about the whole thing. What got me thinking about this subject was a terrible tv show called Dead Like Me, this show was poorly acted, badly written, but the worst part about it was the general sense of hipster ennui and utter nihilism that permeated the whole thing. Which struck me as incredibly inappropriate for a show about death and the afterlife. I mean if you are part of a Corps of grim reapers why would you give a flying crap about the motions of everyday life like going to work or paying for lunch when you are immortal and kill people!

The thing that always irritated me the most about this show was the implicit threat of horrifying punishment if “the rules” were violated. But can you guess what happened when a reaper violates “the rules?” Nothing, absolutely nothing, not to them anyway, occasionally one of their victims would pay a price of some sort for their incompetence. But for them? no trips to hell, no exotic tortures, not even so much as a spanking. These reapers violated the dreaded “rules” all the time and saw little in the way of discipline.

In my opinion, I could be wrong, this might be an oversimplification, rules are something you abide by because someone asks you to and the law is something you abide by because someone points a gun at you. Example of a rule, “don’t eat other peoples food in the refrigerator at work.” Failure to abide by this rule is theft and an act of aggression against others. However the punishment for this is probably going to be at worst getting fired. If not you will be likely be shunned and insulted, and you will deserve it, but you probably won’t be killed or thrown in a cage over it.

Example of a law, “possession of marijuana is forbidden.” If you get caught with this in certain places it could mean three or more years in prison where you will have guns pointed at you and you certainly won’t be the same person going out as you were going in. While mere possession of a simple herb is not an act of aggression against anyone, unless of course you like to blow smoke in peoples faces in movie theaters.

Where am I going with this? There are many things that I aspire to do in my life, probably the most ambitious thing is the complete disassembly of the current educational system in this country and elsewhere. There are many things that are horrible about this system, but one thing that depressingly few people are aware of is that most public school systems impose a state of stark raving terror at the suggestion of a violation of whatever their rules happen to be. Teachers, but especially school administrators impose in children the overwhelming importance of always following the rules no matter how numerous or arbitrary they are.

Now I don’t want to implicate all teachers in this, I knew quite a few who allowed things to be as they were. No threats, no arbitrary restrictions, when you screwed up, if you sincerely apologized then the matter was dropped. These were true educators, you could tell the difference between them and the control freaks by the fact that they did not humiliate their students. Or constantly whine about how they could have made much more money doing some other job. Looking back I wish I had shouted at them every time they said something like that. “If you are sick and tired of dealing with us and you can make much more money somewhere else then just go somewhere else you piece of human garbage, we are sick and tired of dealing with you too!”

I should also stress that the few genuine educators I dealt with have a special place in my heart, they were one of the few things that made life worth clinging to when I was in middle school.

Genuine educators however are swimming against an incredibly toxic tide of humiliation, cruelty and nonsense. Of all the teachers I dealt with the worst was a guy named Burgess at Fern Ridge Middle School, what he did to me personally and allowed to happen in his class was unforgivable. In the highly unlikely event that you are reading this Burgess, you still owe me ten dollars and an apology you piece of shit!

Mr Burgesses class was like something out of lord of the flies, there was every kind of insult and initiation of force you could imagine short of actual fist fighting. Actual physical fighting is forbidden in schools nowadays. It was so frowned upon in all but one of the schools I went to that you were not even allowed to defend yourself against attack. It was not uncommon for a kid who defended themselves against assault to be punished while the aggressors got off Scot free.

But wait, there’s more! The vice principal of the middle school I went to was accused of being a pedophile. If he was or not he certainly bore a striking resemblance to a sociopath. The principal had a variety of screwball theories on obtaining obedience from children which seemed downright Pavlovian, and organized sports were forbidden. This is all on top of all the other nonsense of an ordinary school system.

The only place I have seen the subject of the toxic environment of our schools addressed in popular culture in any detail is in the Michael Moore movie, Bowling For Columbine. However he handled the subject in such an incompetent and convoluted matter that his take on this subject, or just about any subject is probably not worth your time.

Naturally this is one of the major things that forms the root of statism in young peoples minds. However it does not always create nice obedient little clone armies, now and then this system completely backfires creating very dangerous people. To these people, since it becomes impossible to follow all the rules and to not follow the rules is evil they just say. “Well fuck it, I guess I am just going to be evil,” I know about this because I used to be one of these people. When the glorious day comes that you finally leave compulsive school and go off to college or work, or whatever you leave the world of petty little tyrants behind and enter a world populated by petty big tyrants who have few qualms about enforcing their own arbitrary rules at the barrel of a gun. So one doesn’t really have an opportunity to process the difference between rules, laws and the general pointlessness of most of these restrictions.

As many people in the liberty movement are fond of talking about. Our school systems don’t really teach, they mould people into little automatons. Nothing about morality, or essential skills with classes like wood-shop or automotive repair being either shelved or shopped out to for profit organizations. Complete control of the human mind has been the goal of school systems ever since the invention of the Prussian educational system. The incredible thing is that even the perceived failures of the system become another control mechanism. The screw ups are held up as an example to the rest of the student body. “Follow the rules or else you will wind up a tattooed loser either homeless or living in your mothers basement.” In the worst cases one become a murdering psychopath.

I tried to fight back against this system while I was in it the only way I knew how, I started spreading around ideas which struck me as incredibly dangerous. Like socialism and armed resistance to tyrannizers, yet for all my seditious activities in middle school I was only ever sent to the vice principals office for one thing, making up weird stories with another kid about riding an elephant to school. I got sent to detention a couple of times in elementary school for talking about guns. But detention held no real terror for me, I should also note that this was long before the Columbine massacre.

The one thing that I actually feared when I was in school was being lynched by other students. I had been threatened with murder many times over perceived rule violations and the fact that I was a foreigner with a funny accent. This is the probably the worst part of the state apparatus, the victim mentality leads to a desire for vengeance and control, so the victims become the next generation of enforcers and criminals. Yet when the hammer finally came down it was a blessing in disguise.

For me all this came to an end when I got the shit kicked out of me in a gym locker room for the heinous crime of pointing out that kangaroos don’t live in New Zealand. I couldn’t handle being in school any longer. The school administrators were sick and tired of me too, their ridiculous little mind games weren’t working on me. I was discharged from the regular school system and went to charter schools which were much healthier environments. If it had not been for the adamance of my father and a police officer the school summoned during this incident then I would have probably wound up institutionalized on anti-psychotic drugs. Mainly because after I got stomped I made some comments I should not have made, but if you are going to hold comments made by a 12 year old kid after he got beaten by an angry mob then you can… Well I can’t really say what I would want to say without getting droned.

SSRI drugs are one of the worst things I have ever seen, the mental health system in this country is the cruelest joke I have ever seen. But I think more time should be spent on doing something about this culture of either iron obedience or absolute nihilism leading to madness which permeates schools in this country. The current environment in our schools is like something out of a nightmare. Nothing matters, not family, not honor, not even the profit motive, all that matters is that loyalty must be maintained to the creature that is the state. Once one realizes that the state doesn’t really matter, then for students nothing really matters, there is nothing good to take the place of the bad belief system. As far as I am concerned there are only three laws that really count, maintaining your honor, the non aggression principle and the laws of physics. Everything else is just a suggestion, or a suggestion with a cage, whip or a gun behind it.

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