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How Did This Happen?



Many times growing up, I heard the folks older than me say that things were never like this when they were younger. And in typical fashion, my generation is echoing the sentiment that was echoed by the previous generations. I have turned into my father complaining about how kids are so wild today. “I never acted that way!” The same can be said about nearly everything else… especially the cops. So how did this happen?

At one time, there were very few cops. There were peace officers instead. At some point, to borrow an analogy from Ben Stone, the Barneys took over and pushed out the Andys. Andy was the man that chose his career to serve his community and protect life and property. Andy was the pillar of the community that was guided by a moral compass. Andy had the burning desire to do what was right, even if it meant that he did not “win.” Barney on the other hand wanted to be “the man.” Barney wanted to dominate others and command/demand the respect that Andy received naturally. Barney was a cop. Andy was a peace officer. So how did this happen?

This video was shot in Toronto but it could have happened anywhere in the world.

In the strictest interpretation of the NAP, bubbles touching the cop could be considered a violation. But is it a violation worth going on a nut over? Notice the disdain that the cop shows for the “civilian.” The attitude says that he has the authority and to not bow down to that authority will get her the deserved corrective action, be it a slap or an abduction to the Ministry of Love. So how did this happen?

Government behaviorIt’s simple. When a particular class of people is given the power to do things that others are not able to do, do not be surprised when that power is exercised. When that power is applauded because it is used against the “bad guys” that one group of people don’t like, do not be surprised when it is used against other groups… and eventually all groups. When the cops behave in the same manner (or worse) than the people that they are called on, and people accept it… do not be surprised when it escalates. If you grant a particular class of people the authority to use violence against others… to dominate others… to take the lives and property of others, all because they wear a costume and have a special decree  and  mandate from some domineering ruler that would never dare to commit the violence on his own… do not be surprised when you are the recipient of that violence, domination, and looting. So how did this happen?

If you support the State… it happened with your consent.

Statism starts at home


3 thoughts on “How Did This Happen?

  1. I lived in Toronto for a while, and what I see in this video does not surprise me. The cops are what one would expect of a big city, anywhere in the world. Many of us in Canada like to think we’re better off than Americans, but don’t be fooled for a moment. The State and it’s uniformed thugs may not be as overtly thuggish, but if you draw their attention, you’ll quickly discover the goon mentality.

    I don’t like criticizing the police. I’ve encountered good people in uniforms, and I don’t like tarring them with the brush of the bad people. But the unpleasant reality is that as a whole, these organizations are not here to help you, and certainly not to be trusted.

    Lou asks the question: How did this happen? It’s a very good question, which he answered quite well. A small group of people are deemed to be special and placed above the rest of us. When people are given such power, little good can come of it.

    As Eric Cartman says… RESPECT MY AUTHORITAYYY!!!

    I’ve usually found that the louder someone demands respect, the less they’ve actually earned it.

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