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My time, so far with the CZ-75 Omega 9MM


“When life gives you lemons, squirt the f ‘n juice back in life’s eyes!” user RayGunz2

As I have previously stated I own a CZ-75, but I wanted to wait until I had all the bugs worked out with the weapon before I did a proper write up on it. It took a long time for me to get around to working out all the bugs.
It isn’t a typical CZ-75, when I first saw it I noticed that it had a striking Greek Omega symbol next to the factory logo. This signifies that it has an Omega trigger which is a more refined version of the original CZ trigger. Czech CZ-75s I had previously handled had a flaw, when you pull the trigger in single action mode it drags the hammer back a millimeter or so. As such I preferred Italian Tanfoglio clones to the original. The Omega trigger rectifies this fault, but for all my firearms knowledge I didn’t even know the CZ-75 Omega existed until I saw one in the wild.       

I acquired this weapon used, other than a small scratch on the frame near the hammer and wear marks on the barrel it looked brand new, but something didn’t seem right about it. The trigger seemed off and it was malfunctioning, roughly once every 50 rounds a fired case wouldn’t make it all the way out of the action. So I took it to the pistol smith Terry Tussey and he agreed that something wasn’t right. He also pronounced that the pistol, quote “shot like a rifle.” At 25 yards he was able to create shot groupings which could be covered with a nickel. 

Fixing this problem had to wait, this problem waited so long that a part of the trigger mechanism fell right out of the gun. After notifying CZ, I sent the gun back to their headquarters. CZ covered the cost of shipping both ways although I did have to spring for the box it was shipped in. It took a few days but they got it back to me as quick as they could, with an extra 17 round mag. 

I could not be happier with their service, they fixed the trigger issue and test fired the gun with no malfunctions whatsoever. Since I have had it back I have fired a wide variety of different 9MM rounds through it with no malfunctions and it’s accuracy is phenomenal. I can easily hit a bowling ball sized target out to 50 meters. In double action the trigger is awfully heavy, but in single action it is superb. The sights are clear, although the glow in the dark dots are a joke compared to dedicated tritium sights. With proper technique the gun doesn’t really rise in recoil. My last CZ pattern gun, an EAA Witness Elite in 10MM felt like I was carrying a bazooka compared to this gun and the safety on it felt much less crisp and positive. 

I keep this weapon in an ITAC Kydex holster and I just added a set of Hogue ivory polymer grips. I had heard of fake ivory many years ago and I have wanted to acquire some for years. These grips make a significant improvement in ergonomics and a massive improvement in ascetics of this pistol. Although in my testing so far I have found that while I can still grip the gun when my hands are covered in water or canola oil, soapy water makes the gun a little difficult to grab. If you anticipate your weapon becoming slippery, or god forbid bloody, perhaps smooth grips on a gun with no checkering is not a good prospect.   

I will be conducting further rigorous testing of this firearm at the Lovelock range this sunday 27/1/13. But as things are right now I would not hesitate to recommend this pistol or this company to anyone interested in purchasing one of their firearms.   

4 thoughts on “My time, so far with the CZ-75 Omega 9MM

  1. Go with the rubber aftermarket grips. Makes the gun feel even better and more secure when shooting. I also paid around $450 for my gun new. It is my carry gun.

    1. I went with the faux ivory for ascetic more than practical reasons. I have heard a lot of good things about the rubber finger groove grips but I just can’t cotton to how they look. But I might get a set for my next pistol purchase.

      I also should have mentioned in the article, even before the panic CZs were hard to come by in my area, this was the first one I had seen in a shop for months.

      Then again acquiring uncommon objects was one of the reasons why they invented the Internet in the first place 😉

    1. Paid about 450 not including tax. New CZs run about a hundred more than that. Though they have a polymer frame gun out now that looks awesome which is cheaper than their steel frame guns, I think it’s called the P 07.

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