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Doom Squirrels!



If you are a firearms enthusiast like I am you are probably irritated by the current environment. Countless thousands of people who were only peripherally interested in firearms, or perhaps not interested at all are descending on anyplace which sells small arms. The last time I was in a gun shop I saw them selling a PAP pistol identical to the one I wrote about in my last post, for a cool $1,000, not including the accessories and ammo that the buyer was also picking up. I would like to stress that I spent significantly less than this for mine.

There was also a huge crowd lined up to buy everything else in the store, including 2 police officers! I call these hoarders doom squirrels in reference to a rant on a firearms forum about the price of bare AR-15 lower receivers which sums up my opinion on the current environment nicely.

“apparently I should have seen this coming. I’ve been looking to pick up a stripped lower since before the election but I knew it wouldn’t happen until at least today. Now unless I want to pay $100 or more, they’re no where to be found. Fuck you….fuck you right in your cock holsters you panicky hoarding doom squirrels. I’m glad to see commerce thriving…..but I was actually going to build a rifle, not dip a five pack of lowers into a vat of KY and pneumatically cram them past my colon, safe from the gun-grabbing Forward Clown-Fuck Army.”

Dramatic eh? Well that complaint which was lodged right after Barack was elected for the second time. Demand at that point was brisk, but it was nothing compared to what we are dealing with now. Personally I think that we should spend some time considering the unintended consequences of all this.

What spurs me to write was my attendance of the Reno gun show on the 16th and 17th of this month. Getting in on the first day was a nightmare, though the crowd was amazingly diverse. There was a large number of women and minorities of all ages, illustrating the lie that only fat, miserable, old white guys are the only people who attend gun shows. I was quite surprised when I started talking to the cute young couple behind me to see that the woman was wearing sandals. Yet I hadn’t heard a single complaint out of her the whole hour and a half that we were waiting in line. It was quite cold that day.

The other thing that came across at the show was that people were angry, really really angry. Almost every conversation I was in eventually led to the direction of armed resistance to the federal government. There was a pervasive air of “this far, and no further.”

My own opinion on the subject? Well it’s hard to quantify, but if I was the kind of person who advocated the armed overthrow of the federal government then mr Dean probably wouldn’t allow me to post my opinions here. But I think our society is heading for a collapse, the only question is it going to be a controlled collapse leading into high tech feudalism? or an uncontrolled collapse leading to who knows what.

When I went back to the show on the second day to loan my copy of firearms training and the non aggression principle to an acquaintance of mine I found myself walking alongside a fellow who wanted information about firearms. So I asked what he wanted and why, he stated that he wanted a pistol, but he wasn’t sure of what type. He wanted one because he was expecting trouble, collapse of civilization sort of trouble and he wanted to get a firearm before they were all banned.

Then he told me that he was from Northern California, and I told him he was shit out of luck trying to get a gun here. I told him that interstate gun trafficking is a felony and that he would have to acquire any firearm from a shop in California and it wouldn’t be easy. Ironically the San Francisco Fox affiliate was doing an undercover “Investigation” at the same show where they tried to acquire AR-15s but were turned down by Nevada gun sellers. So I advised him to do some homework, ask lots of questions at the show, think about acquiring a battle rifle, battle carbine or mil-spec surplus bolt action rifle as opposed to a pistol and get his own copy of firearms training and the non aggression principle. Then as we parted company he left me with one final comment that he knew he needed to learn more about guns, that he didn’t even know how to spell the word gun.

I really hope he was just exaggerating to make a point on that last comment.

Before I even thought of writing this article I did an image search for doom squirrels and the best image I found was the one I have used for this article. At first I saw the Dr Doom character as the gun companies, vexed by the problem of surging demand and impending laws. After the first day of the show I saw myself as being besieged by these squirrels, I can’t indulge in one of my favorite activities because of all this madness of crowds. But now I see the gun grabbers, and hopefully the state itself as Dr Doom. In their attempts to crack down they are causing an awakening in the minds of these formerly innocuous people the consequences of which we cannot even begin to quantify. This awakening is being caused by the chaos, greed and corruption of the statists. The big unintended consequence of this is the current awakening, the awakening however is a very crude thing. It is being driven by the fact that as our environment becomes more unsafe and tyrannical, people realize that they have to wake up to how things really are, or they are going to suffer, even more than they are suffering now.

All I can say from my own point of view is that certain people saw this coming and I wish I had listened to them back when 308 calibre ammo was 15 cents a round, per 1000 rounds!

2 thoughts on “Doom Squirrels!

  1. I have converted a number of people to libertarianism through using this argument about taking our guns away. People I know who were once either lefty or righty statists have seen the contradiction in their gun arguments have begun to look at the world differently, I feel like I come one step closer to freedom every time I convert someone to libertarianism ^_^

  2. 15 cents a round, my goodness! It looks like Ammo is as good an investment as gold, silver, or bitcoins. There used to be a nice locally owned armory in my town when paper work wasnt that complicated, and I regret not buying more ammo as well. I think too that these “out of the closet” tyrannies create wonderful blowback, espacially with the bystanding non politcal observers. I was just chatting about bug out locqtions and non taxable currencies with some statists students friends of mine ,and they agreed we needed to achieve greater independence from the Man.

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