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Guns and Hawgz: The Road To Freedom


Bakers Invasive SpeciesIf all men are created equal, how are some men fit to rule others yet the others are unfit to rule themselves? And just who determines that fitness?

On July 12th people from across the country, that may have never met each other before, came together to lend support to a man they may have never met before and likely would have never heard of had it not been for the actions of the Aggressor General of the state of Michigan and the goon squad known as the Michigan Department of (Destroying) Natural resources. On Friday, there was a court hearing because the state requested that Mark Baker be fined $700,000 for ignoring an order to get rid of his herd of pigs. Mark Baker was fighting the order and to get a jury trial to end this once and for all. According to Liz Retizig of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, there were an estimated 250-300 people in attendance at the court house to support Mark. The issue remains unresolved with the judge deciding to give his opinion in writing in the near future.

On July 13th they gathered for a “Celebration of the Farm” or a different kind of PORK fest. The activities started with a demonstration of how to harvest a pig  and ensure food safety and quality in the process. Mark was giving the explanation while one of his sons was doing the work. Some of the audience even stepped up for an opportunity to try it for themselves whether it was removing the pig’s hair or the actual cutting. Immediately after, it was put on the grill to be served just a little while later. It was absolutely delicious.

Donate to help with legal fees!!!

Liz Reitzig (Maryland) “The turnout at the courthouse yesterday was phenominal. It was incredible to see how many people from so many different states came out in support of Mark and in support of this hearing and were really there with their bodies to show their support for Mark Baker.

After lunch, Mark and his lawyer spoke and gave a rundown of the previous day’s events at the courthouse. The issue remains unresolved with the judge deciding to give his opinion in writing in the near future. The rest of the day’s activities included a silent auction to raise funds for mounting legal fees, a couple of hayrides to show how things operate on the 80 acres, and good old-fashioned fellowship.

One of the most interesting things for me, having never really spent any time on a farm and seeing the inner workings, was to get a glimpse of how things really work. The most important thing for those that have not spent time on a farm to learn is a lesson forgotten by previous generations and unlearned by the current generations… food does NOT come from the store.

Who is Mark Baker? I had never met him prior to this event but had heard about the story when it broke a couple years ago and had seen some of his YouTube videos. He is a 20 year Air Force veteran and has had his farm for about 10 years. My impression is that he is just a regular guy. He has a “rough and tumble” appearance as would be expected from a farmer. He speaks clearly and decisively and can tell a good joke. He most assuredly would rather not have the attention that he is getting. He also has a firm grasp of right and wrong. Too bad the statocrats and the Law And Force Men (and Women) have no such understanding.

The reality is that this isn’t just about Mark and his family. They are just the ones taking the brunt of the attack right now. It’s about every farmer and every person that would like to purchase the products that these farmers have to offer.  It’s also about those that do not wish to purchase these products. It’s about the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.

The Michigan Department of (Destroying) Natural Resources issued an invasive species order against the particular breed of pig that Mark and others are raising. Malum prohibitum: Illegal because we said so! The declaration states that pigs that bear certain physical characteristics (much like firearms) are banned. The decree is so arbitrary as to say “erect or floppy ears” or “straight or curly tails.” It also states other characteristics that have not yet been determined.

If Mark were to completely ignore these foolish and tyrannical declarations, it is quite possible that he could lose his life by a DNR SWAT team coming to execute an order, the pigs, and people. At the very least his physical liberty  would be threatened as he would most likely be kidnapped and locked in a cage… all for the crime of owning property.

That is what this story is really about and how it affects those that have nothing to do with this case at all: the right to own and use property. Each individual has the right to own and use property so long as nobody is involuntarily harmed. The whole idea that somebody might be harmed is not a legitimate excuse to violate a person’s property rights. Some of the apologists or those that do not understand the implications of this dictate would use that excuse. Until another person has been demonstrably harmed, there is NO CRIME. In the event that somebody is actually harmed, they can be compensated by the person responsible. Society is not a victim because a person owns property. Society is victimized when forced to pay the salaries of the very scoundrels that would victimize them and their neighbors. It would be wrong, however, to call the politicians and their hired muscle common criminals. “The highway man takes solely upon himself the responsibility, danger and crime of his own act. He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to you money, or that he intends to use it for your benefit. Furthermore, after having taken your money he leaves you alone… as you wish him to do. He does not continue ‘protecting’ you by commanding you to bow down and serve him, by requiring you to do this, and forbidding you to do that.” ~Lysander Spooner

It does not matter if your property comes with floppy ears, a full-capacity magazine, or is green and leafy. Once the right to own property is limited for one, the door opens for all. Once an exception is made for what might happen, the stealing of liberties is guaranteed to happen.

First they came for the pot head and I said nothing because I don’t smoke pot.
Then they came for the raw milk drinker and I said nothing because I don’t drink raw milk.
Then they came for the pig farmer and I said nothing because I don’t own pigs.
Then they came for the gun owner and I said nothing because I don’t own guns.
Then they came for me and there was nobody left to say anything… and I wished that I was a gun owner.

This is not over. With the ever increasing infringements on our natural rights, it is only getting started. One of the other pig farmers killed his entire herd to avoid the wrath of the state. He submitted. Others are sitting on the fence to see what happens. “History will record with the greatest astonishment that those that had the most to lose, did the least to protect it.”

As far as the Law and Force Men (and Women) that are just doing their jobs… that excuse it not good enough. Yes, you have families to feed. So do the farmers. The farmers have many families to feed. Without those willing to do the en-FORCE-ment, these stupid laws are meaningless.

Kiumars “Q” Kiani (Cincinatti via Iran) “One of the best things of this weekend is getting together with like-minded people in a community that I belong to and best of all is seeing one of us is winning and kicking the ass of the tyrants and the people that want to oppress and suppress us.”

Harvesting the pig








Derrick J (Philadelphia) “The most interesting part of this weekend, where we are celebrating the farm (Baker’s Green Acres) has been the live, audience participation slaughter  of a so-called “feral pig” which was delicious and was an interesting science lesson as well as a culinary lesson.”










Eddie Free (Washington DC) “Probably the most interesting thing that I have seen out here is the demonstration of the pig being harvested. I really enjoyed watching that and watching Mark Baker and his sons do what they do best. I thought it was really education, not just for me but for everybody else. It gives us a glimpse into a different time.”


Bakers cow













Bakers corn









Bakers Tranny loves to limit food











Interview with Ben Swann, Mark Baker, and a report from PORK fest. Mark’s interview starts at 58:00.


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  1. I think another good point to be made here is that these animals are treated humanely and well cared for at ALL points in this process. They live in clean, open spaces, with lots of room; they’re given healthy food and when it comes time to harvest them, they are killed quickly and as painlessly as possible. Contrast this to the large, production facilities where often animals are packed into small, cramped spaces so small they barely are able to stand or extend their legs. They’re fed genetically modified ‘feed’ and injected with hormones and antibiotics. What sort of treatment would you rather support for these wonderful creatures for which we should always have respect?

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