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The abrupt death of the Yeah it’s that bad podcast, lessons learned.


The bell tolls.


A most curious thing happened this Tuesday, my favorite nonpolitical podcast abruptly died. They didn’t pod-fade, they just made an enigmatic announcement, then yanked their website, their feed and all other evidence of their existence off the web. The deletion occurred so fast that several fans of the show did not even have time to download the last episode. This show was particularly important to me because it was the first podcast that I regularly interacted with. To those who might be reading this who were fans of the show I am also known as Myles, the Yeah It’s That Bad gun expert.

I like to think that my writing improved quite a bit in the course of my advisory to this podcast. Early on I decided that whatever I sent them would be backed up with empirical evidence. The way I figured it if I was making an absurd or erroneous claim all by myself then it would just be me who looked like a fool. But if anyone on this podcast made a bad claim then we would all look bad.

I find this troubling, the inflection and tone of the final episode was downright scary. If something like this happened to the freedom feens we would all be crying fowl play. I wish I knew more about what was happening myself but Joel, Kevin and Martin, the triumvirate of said show were an enigmatic bunch who took considerable pains to conceal their identities, even from me.

However the odds of this happening to the Feens are not just slim, they are downright impossible. Their efforts in backing up their work through mirror sites and Torrenting must be acknowledged as a wise course of action. Not just because of threats of government crackdown but because of the possibility of technical problems.

I have seen as a result of this that I should probably have several backups of my own work, I would hate to see a large chunk of any persons work suddenly vanish into the digital ether.

Also for those who listened to the show who want evidence of my claim to be who I say I am. Here is my point by point deconstruction of the Taurus Judge public defender polymer, Joel commented on it but left it out of the show, probably due to time constraints.


Hey everyone, always good to hear from you, I was not expecting to have my firearms knowledge challenged, I do love stimulating arguments, but first things first.

Do police officers have specialty devices for blowing doors off? Yes, several, the one I am most familiar with are shotgun breacher rounds, a 12 gauge shell filled with powdered metal designed to blow the lock clean off a door without harming anyone inside. But what you guys described sounds more like a dedicated charge, I am not too familiar with these, all I know about them is that they are extremely dangerous and are only to be used by highly trained professionals. However even when you are trained in their use, sometimes accidents happen. Anytime you are blowing an armored door off it’s hinges then running through said doorway, death is always a possibility.

I will attempt to answer Jordan’s criticisms as well as I can.

First of all the Taurus Judge I was using was the polymer public defender, it has the shortest barrel of all the Judges and is built on a plastic frame. When I wrote in last time I forgot to mention that the recoil out of this creature was extremely unpleasant. Not as bad as a lightweight 44 magnum, but still pretty bad.

I requested birdshot shells because I have fired 45 colt in a revolver before and I wanted to see what kind of a difference firing a shot load in a revolver would make compared to firing a single bullet. From what I understand the loads that are the most effective in the judge are 45 colt rounds and buckshot loads. Consisting of a collection of either 30 caliber lead round balls or 40 caliber discs stacked on top of each other. However my hosts did not have anything like that on hand. I know birdshot can be ineffective in a self defense scenario, but I was shooting at clay pigeons. I was giving serious thought to having someone throw said clay pigeons and shooting them out of the air, but after my first shot when I saw the shot spray all over the place I decided that this was impractical. Out of my benelli Nova 12 gauge a load of no.8 birdshot comes out as an almost solid mass at close range. However this gets into the done to death debate on birdshot as a viable personal defense round which is the subject of numerous flame wars on Internet gun forums.

I remain convinced that there is nothing a Judge can do that other weapons cannot do better except perhaps killing snakes about to strike when you are hiking in the wilderness. Or perhaps deterring a carjacker.

As for why I shot at a range of 20 meters, shooting at any range less than that holds no challenge to me anymore. With my CZ-75 I can easily hit a bowling ball sized target out to 50 meters and a man sized target out to 100 meters. I demand superb performance from my weapons, if they do not live up to my standards I sell them. I figure that if I can hit a watermelon at 20 meters then hitting a large angry man, or bear at 7 meters is comparatively easy.

I also wanted to say about all the C4 use, in The Last Boy-scout, C4 is one of the most stable explosives I have ever heard of. You can leave it buried for decades and it will be just as stable and effective as they day you buried it. The myth busters did some work with C4 where they demonstrated that one can light it on fire, then drop big solid objects on it or even shoot it and it will not explode. Only a blasting cap will set it off.

I would also like to say, you don’t have to read this on air if you don’t want to walk into this particular hornets nest. I really appreciate that you guys haven’t joined in on the chorus of people demanding gun control.

Postscript, one final episode was released, please follow the link in the comments below if you would like a final “explanation” of what ultimately happened. Still enigmatic but it’s good to find out that no harm came to the YITB crew.

17 thoughts on “The abrupt death of the Yeah it’s that bad podcast, lessons learned.

  1. I just finished listening to the whole archive, I am planning to do some kind of documentary of the podcast somehow, Would anyone like to help me?

  2. Fear of losing their jobs? Why? For being a mediocre podcast? They weren’t controversial or edgy, they laughed a lot and said movies where bad. Hardly setting the world on fire.

    1. Arnie, I am kind of disappointed. I say this as a fan of your podcast (they were too by the way). It was a different dynamic than Now Playing. A lot more irreverent and comedy based. It was hardly mediocre though. It was silly and absurd with running jokes that spanned multiple episodes, that could be off putting at first. The reviews were really just an excuse for 3 good friends to interact and play off each other. The content was often R rated and they were professionals. I could easily see it causing problems at some jobs. Give em a break man.

    2. Congrats Arnie, you just lost a loyal listener. I guess thats less donation money you have to spend on twinkie.

    3. That’s a little unfair. I mean, their premium episode model didn’t burn new listeners by having a large number of episodes be permanently unavailable and yet prominently displayed alongside all of the regular episodes. That gave them (and every podcast not called Now Playing) a pretty good leg up.

      I do honestly love your show, but c’mon, man. Glass houses, stones, etc.

      1. ShaggE:
        “I do honestly love your show, but c’mon, man. Glass houses, stones, etc.”

        This post was not written by anyone from the Freedom Feens show, was written by a friend of ours.


  3. Im sure they had an agreement in place that went alittle something like this, “Ok guys if ever it seems like our identities are exposed or about to be exposed, we shut it down.” That makes sense since like we have all noticed they went to such extreme lengths to stay anonymous. I miss the show a lot. It was my favorite podcast. Thank you to the person who posted the episodes above. I will be rliving my discovery of Joel, Martin, and Kevin all over again….

    1. I never said this was a widespread crackdown, just seemed a little odd that they took their episodes down voluntarily and so abruptly instead if pod fading like so many other podcasts. If one can’t have a little fun with a conspiratorial mindset then what can you have fun with?

      Not to mention this is a website that does deal with the potentially imminent threat of total podcast suppression every now and then, while examples of actual podcast suppression seem, ah, a bit thin.

      1. So, it seems since somebody/people leaked their personal info, they shut everything down in fear of losing their jobs.

        I really wish they could have talked to their bosses and said “Hey, we do this podcast thing, alright?” but I guess that’s not how these things work….

    2. THANK YOU!!!!! I was able to download their episodes thanks to you. I had probably only heard about half of them. They’ll be missed!

  4. Really disappointing. Wish the guys had at least signed off with a short explanation. All we’re left with are guesses. Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

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