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Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest


It all started with a couple of people sitting around saying, “We should go camping this summer.” That was in the beginning of the year. Then the idea came about to turn this into a group event. An event was created on Facebook that brought together nearly 100 campers and day visitors.

MPLC Camping Trip

People came from all around: Brian and Stephanie came from New Hampshire; Jacob from upstate New York; Zeke, Elizabeth and children from western Pennsylvania; Tracey from Kentucky; and a handful from Ohio and Indiana. Not to mention the folks from all over Michigan!


The campground was a rustic group campground without any assigned sites that covered several open acres and a smaller area back in the woods. People set up wherever they saw fit. There was a hand pump well and a pair of outhouses centrally located on the site.

The “Spontaneous Order Tent” was also set up centrally for people to meet and congregate in the shade. For those that wished to give presentations or have discussions; there was a sign-up board for them to put their name, topic, and time. For the most part, smaller discussions took place at picnic tables, around campfires, and at campsites. Unlike most liberty events, this was a very laid-back camping trip. Very little was pre-planned and things just sort of happened on their own.

The LakeMost of the activities revolved around hiking and biking the many trails or going down to the lake. The water was just right for swimming with some people making several trips per day. There were also canoe and kayak rentals and some people went fishing.

Some folks just sat around and watched the wind blow and shared good company. This was a family friendly event and there were about 20 children there ranging from infants to early teens. At night, when the sun went down and the kids had gone to sleep; the grownups congregated around the fire pits.

Agora Mountain


Saturday afternoon, Tom was selling organic chili with blue tortilla chips on Agora Mountain. Jason was selling carved rocks from the shore of Lake Michigan. There was also a “tool table” where people could borrow the tools that they needed to make any necessary repairs or just to set their camp up.

One of the most memorable parts of this trip was how kind, generous, and helpful people were. If somebody looked like they were having trouble setting up a tent, offers of assistance came pouring in.

Bad Quaker areaThere were  four guys from not too far away (sorry, I can’t remember their names) that had never heard of the MPLC but had heard about the event through the Bad Quaker podcast. Ben had set up a table to show off and sell the new Bad Quaker t-shirts (order yours here) and to show off the high quality coins from Amagi Metals. Please follow the affiliate link through to place your order.

On Saturday afternoon, Ben put on the playback of the live radio report to the Freedom Feens Radio Show for all to listen. Ben is not the “Great Man…” but he is a great guy with a great podcast! On behalf of the MPLC, I would like to thank Ben and the Freedom Feens for promoting the event. MWD was also kind enough to send out a shipment of Feen buttons for the MANY feens that were there.

check in

Seeing this event is what brought me to the MPLC in the first place. Somehow I had come across the MPLC page on Facebook at one time or another and had “liked” it. I had no idea that the group really existed. I had clicked “going” to the event, made an enthusiastic comment, and was almost immediately “friended” by the co-founders (Dani and Katie.) That was probably the greatest click of my lifetime!

The group meets twice each month (officially) in SE Michigan but has sprouted “franchises” in Lansing, the west side of the state, and near the thumb of Michigan. After my first meet-up, I was euphoric. This is a fine bunch of people and I can’t even imagine not having them in my life.

My personal recommendation: If a group like this exists in your area… join it. If one does not exist… create one. Going to liberty events a couple of times each year is nice but it’s impossible to beat doing it every weekend and even during the week. It really lets you know that you are not as alone as you might feel.

Follow the Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition on Facebook. Visit the website
At the time of publication, only about 50 pictures have been posted to the photo album. More will be posted soon.  Check them out here.

Some reviews from campers and day visitors

Anarcho-dog (Champ) rejects the leash
Anarcho-dog (Champ) rejects the leash

Just left a gathering of the Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition on the campgrounds of the Brighton Recreation Area in Howell, Michigan. What a diverse and delightful group of libertarians and anarchists doing just about everything they can to make a positive difference in this country of ours. They’re not just railing against the state and fighting impersonal ideological battles, but innovating and intimately involving themselves in the *peaceful struggle for peace* through their work, vocations, relationships, and community building. Thanks, Lou, for the invitation — and, Katie, we’ll have to talk more soon. -Rj

Beth doing some reading on Sunday morning
Beth doing some reading on Sunday morning

I really had a wonderful time guys. Thank you for this event. It was such a pleasure to share and exchange with so many beautiful people in one place. I was happy to meet some new friends and to have my first handshakes with online friends. And I am particularly grateful to the cooks who gave me some awesome meals. Thank you all. -Joseph


Family-Friendly Event
Christopher and a little one



What an awesome weekend! I’ve never had the pleasure of being around so many intelligent, friendly people. -Retta

This camping weekend was awesome! I would like to thank everyone for making this trip a blast, and I am definitely thinking up some ideas so that I can contribute more to this experience for next year! -Dylan

Live on Radio
Lou, Ben, and Christopher




Broadcasting live from a windowless Bad Quaker mobile… at a windowless campground… to a windowless bunker in an undisclosed location in the rural, wild, mountain west in the occupied states of America.

Freedom Feens live from Midwest Peace And Liberty Fest – live radio archive




The group photo was taken on Sunday afternoon. Next year, it will be taken on Saturday
The group photo was taken on Sunday afternoon. Next year, it will be taken on Saturday

I can’t wait until next year!!! Worms.

8 thoughts on “Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

  1. lol. The whole concept of a peace and liberty gathering on the doorsteps of what was once KKK central in the 50s seems hilarious to me. Course, 60+ years later, it’s gentrified, and covered in new housing of the upper middle class who fled Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Lansing.

    Know some people more of the Brass Roots/Libertarian/Crazed Militia type who liked to get together in that general area, but I think was up by that state park by Milford.

    For the real crazed Michigan hicks, it’s gotta be Sleepy Hollow State Park though. In the 90s, with a moist wind from the south you could smell the reek of the meth labs. Or with a wind from the north, you could smell some of the milk solids disposal operations from up in Ovid. Which is quite an achievement over the smell of bug spray, stale beer, roasting meat items, and methane burping up out of the swamps. 😉

    Those were some interesting times. When not camping, those in the rural areas were always at war with groundhogs, possums, swarms of deer devouring garden crops, the occasional raccoon, and as of recently, feral DNR people chasing after hogs and emerald ash borers. I guess that’s better than them trying to fabricate a bovine TB epidemic out of thin air. Or trying to find non-existent weasels who were supposedly eating migratory bird eggs. 😀

    I suppose I still miss the chainsaws and the gunshots going off in the background, but I don’t miss the winters, nope, not one little bit. ;P

  2. Beautiful recap, Lousander! It was an amazing weekend and I am feeling tremendously grateful to be connected with such passionate individuals! PEACE!

  3. thank you lou for the article, i am glad to see pictures and the video that joe did along with your reflections about it
    even though i will see many of you over the fall and winter, i miss you guys!! …can’t wait till next summer!

  4. Excellent man, makes me feel like I was there. Maybe I need to get out of my windowless bunker a little more often.


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