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What are the thoughts you do not dare to think?


Too much to think

Serious question, what are the things that you actively try not to think about? Not because such thoughts don’t interest you, or are too obscure, but because they scare you. If one has a completely voluntarist mindset these thoughts are likely of a highly aggressive and dangerous nature and are probably best not considered. And if Stefan Molyneux is listening he will probably strongly suggest therapy and psychoanalyze your shitty childhood.

However if you are a run of the mill statist there are probably a great many thoughts that you will not contemplate. One of my personal favorites is to look at religion with a critical eye. Every now and then some antiquarian or archeologist unearths some artifact, scroll or stelae which completely turns our understanding of the origin of various religions on their head.

When this happens there is only one thing that can be done. Bury it again, quickly and unceremoniously. Either back in the ground, or in a bank vault or at best a dry dusty academic journal which will hopefully not be read outside certain rarefied circles.

This process is known as occulting, contrary to what one might have been told the occult does not refer to things of a mystical nature, but a hidden nature. Most of the actions of the CIA is technically occult knowledge. But that sort of statement goes off into territory best explored in a different article, Stay Tuned.

The occulting of knowledge has gone on since the invention of the written word, and very likely before then. Back in the good old days, as Michael Dean likes to call the (fill in the blank) of the mind and I like to call the past that never was. To occult information was easier than spreading it. If some archeologist found evidence that early Christianity apparently wasn’t what everyone thought it was then you denigrated his evidence and destroyed his career. If some scientist came up with a technology that threatened to disrupt your power then they could be bought off and/or killed and the invention hidden.

Nowadays it’s a tad harder to do that and get away with it. Now that we have a truly global communications network. A farmer in Africa with a smartphone and internet access has access to more and better information about everything imaginable than the president of the United States had in 1983. 30 Short years ago. Who knows what will be available in another three decades. The answer to almost all questions is out there somewhere if you are willing to look. I am quite fond of saying, “all questions have an answer, but not all answers have questions.”

A common statement in the anarchist/hacker world is that information must be free. That ideas and knowledge must be allowed to freely circulate in the world. Now this idea is all well and good when all parties involved are intellectually open and curious. However many people are not willing to accept new ideas, or they just don’t care.

When people wish to stubbornly remain in ignorance and/or apathetic then the occulting of information occurs. Ideas become a weapon which can be very easily used against you and your thought process stagnates. To kill a child’s desire to learn is no easy feat, certainly wasn’t in my case. But a decade or so of Prussian/common core education will do that quite effectively. While also breaking your spirit and making you a nice obedient cog in the machine of mass destruction.

I intend this message mainly for statists, to say WAKE UP! But I also intend this as a caution to overzealous proselytizers of the liberty mission. Almost all human societies have crafted people who simply don’t think straight. Who aren’t able to think straight because they have massive limits placed on what they are allowed to think. The thought police are very very real and they take the form of people we could hardly imagine we’re capable of such things. The average run of the mill cop probably doesn’t give a flying fornication what you think, provided it doesn’t involve overtly breaking the law. But your teachers, friends, mentors and the creators of out culture off in Hollywoodland certainly do.

In the grand scheme of things we are outnumbered, massively outgunned and outspent. But we do have one thing that the statists don’t have.

The truth.

Not any grand truth in a religious or mystical sense. But the truth that aggressive actions and building ones life on lies is not something that functions in the long term.

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