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How to transfer a WordPress install from .com to .bit (or from any domain to any domain)



(This page is the one I added after my transfer.)

Successful method for transfer of WordPress from .com to .bit

If you’re set up to view .bit addresses,

Check out:


OK, all the fancy stuff I tried was way too over the top and also didn’t work. I finally figured it out, and this works.

I set up a test blog at

and made three posts. Added the PodPress plugin, uploaded two songs, added links, some text, images, an RSS widget, etc.

Then I exported the WordPress XML backup. (and made a backup copy.)

I opened the WordPress XML backup in Wordpad. I used “Find and Replace” to replace every instance of



and saved the file.

At your web host’s control panel, you point your dot.bit add-on domain to the folder where your .com is hosted (via IP.) After about a minute (on Hostgator) you should be able to go to the .bit URL and see the basic WordPress site you’ve set up, but most of the internal links will still be pointing to dot-com URLs.

They will still work because the dot com is still up, but they wouldn’t work if the dot com was killed through ICANN.

Here’s the tricky part that took me a few tries to figure out. It won’t work right without doing this:

Log in at the .bit



Then you HAVE TO empty them from the trash. Without doing that, this will NOT WORK.

You also have to delete all the PAGES as well as the POSTS, and EMPTY THEM FROM THE TRASH before going to the next step.

I then added the WordPress plugin WordPress Importer.

To do that, go to Tools/Import/WordPress:


Install Importer:


Activate the plugin:


and imported the altered XML file:


I re-assigned all the posts to my user name:


I told it NOT to re-import all media (since it was already in the folder, my wormcoin.bit domain is an add-on sub-domain of the IP that is on, so it’s resolving via IP through the NameCoin DNS I’m using.)

As soon as this is done, voilĂ ! The .bit WordPress site works perfectly. All the internal links work, for images, MP3s, pages, categories, archives, etc. Even the PodPress player plugin kept its configuration and properly played the files from the .bit audio file.

The only thing that didn’t work perfectly was the RSS widget. I had to re-add it. But when I did, the RSS feed, gives me this error:

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘wormcoin.bit’

Which is odd, because the feed I entered:


shows up fine in a browser and works, with the image attachments properly listed and working at the dot-bit URLs.

And that RSS feed also works when I add the URL into iTunes. It subscribes to it, shows both “episodes” (songs) and downloads the first one.

I finally fixed it, I just had to use a different feed widget, the PodPress one that installs with PodPress. I had to enter the new .bit feed URL and save it, and tell it to display the button.

But even with that one issue (which I solved), the above is a perfect way to transfer a dot-com WordPress to work as .bit.

After doing all this, the site will operate perfectly on the .bit site, as long as you and the viewers are set up to view dot bit. You can edit, do new posts, all of that. I added one page (this tutorial) and one post after changing from .com to a .bit site.

I assume all this would work with a site with hundreds of posts and podcast episodes, like

and I assume it would work transferring to a different domain (not just dot com to dot bit), like transferring

to show up at


if you used those as the Search and Replace fields in Wordpad, but I haven’t tried it.

I’m also curious about if mail servers will work with .bit. I haven’t tried that yet. Has anyone here tried that?

wormcoin.bit worked perfectly with WS_FTP. I was able to login with it using that as the address, and my normal login info.


–Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feen

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