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I’m sure a lot of you have heard the mid-week podcast with Max Borders and MWD. This episode was a particularly great one for me, as it really broke down some subjects I hadn’t really delved into quite yet. I may dive in a bit here, so if you have not heard the episode and you do not want any spoilers, go listen first, then come back and finish reading.

So, you’re back. Well, let’s get into it. This week’s episode was of particular value to me, as it brought up specifically a point about places of birth, borders, and places of residence and their correlation to the rights you are allowed to have. It boiled down to the fact that you are restricted by state power completely unevenly depending on where you happen to reside. Of particular interest is the carrying of a defensive weapon and the restrictions placed on people who live in my home state of Illinois, and places like Wyoming where you needn’t even have a permission slip from big brother to defend yourself.

This begs the question, what is the real difference between these two places? They are both ruled semi-democratically by an elected body of tyrants who play theater to get your vote, then do as they will when they get into office. We all really know this to be the case, and if you don’t you only need to write a “representative” with an opposing view. Just wait for a form letter that says, “I value the opinions of my constituents, but I know better and this is the way it’s going to be…”

This was particularly evident in a recent bout of political action and involvement I took in 2013 regarding just such an issue as defensive weapons and the government permission slips people were begging for. I watched entirely too many hours of people in fancy suits in some building at the capital argue and misrepresent the issues to suit their own needs, or just argue points on their own misunderstanding of the issue at hand. I was part of a forum dedicated to this debate, and it really got my heart racing, but not in a good way. It was stressful to scream at this monolithic wall, when the state I reside in is led by a large city that is not even the political seat called a “capitol.” Instead it’s a bed of political and monetary card games, where the men with the fancy suits whom have those lovely titles of alderman, senator, representative, trade away your taxes, and your rights without your consent or involvement. Eventually, I stopped trying and dedicated my time to other pursuits, one of them being the discovery of the liberty media.

Now, if you were to drive an hour or so one way, a few hours or more in the other compass directions, these men in suits and their games mean nearly nothing. Once you cross this line, and the sign next to the road says, “Welcome to…” — insert your favorite state other than the one you just left — you are now in a completely different realm, governed by completely other people, operated under different rules, with different tax rates and procedures, building codes, vehicle licensing requirements, concealed carry provisions, identification requirements, voting procedures, road systems, marriage license requirements, speed limits… tired yet? So, what changed?

Let’s paint a little picture with a cliche of youth. Remember the club you had with your friends? Maybe you were a boy, you and your friends had a “no girls” policy or maybe you were a girl, and had a “no boys” policy. Maybe you were a little more specific to who you would and would not allow. We see through the lens of age and maturity that it’s honestly a pretty petty system, but it’s to be expected. It’s tribalism that has been a part of human history for a very long time. Maybe you already see my connection I’m making. Each state, each municipality, each township, city, and county is its own little club. Fulfill the requirements, and they may let you in. Pay your dues, don’t rock the boat, and you can hang out. If you don’t keep within the rules, you’ll be out on your ear at best.

So, we bring it back to the big picture. I live in a certain state, and with the power that the state apparatus can wield, I am prevented from defending myself with a defensive weapon of a projectile variety (this is starting to change ever so slowly). Move to a state like any of the other in fly-over country, the south, south-west, or even south-east, you can either get a permission slip to carry such a device, or in the case of a few geographically delineated patches of ground, you need only be old enough and have an identification card. So, what’s the difference here? Is crime like mugging different because I live in a region further to the east? Is my life less valuable since I don’t live in that mountainous region to the west? If I am in a situation where I am in need of defending myself, can I tell them to wait while I get the requisite training, fill out an application, get fingerprints, send those in, send in the proof of training, wait on the time allotted by the legal system, get my permit, keep it in my wallet, then defend myself? Does that sound a bit crazy to you? It certainly does to me.

I use the example of concealed carry because it is of particular interest to me, but I would also expand it to freedom of consumption and the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, the legalization of same-sex marriages, the heathcare monstrosity, NSA spying and states attempting to nullify it… feel free to add to this list any other hot-button issue you happen to find interesting. The borders placed around you by men long dead, and committees that change them to suit the political winds of the day are machinations of a broken system, wasting your time and money, keeping you busy following this political team or that. Remember that borders are lines drawn in the sand, and they can be washed away by wind, water, or time. The only power they have is the power you allow them.

2 thoughts on “This week’s epiphany

  1. “The only power they have is the power you allow them.”

    Amen, and this is why:

    Every human being (or sentient being, if you want to get technical) has the absolute, inalienable AUTHORITY of self ownership, which includes the use of any tool whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever. Every self owning individual ALSO has the absolute and inalienable AUTHORITY to defend themselves, by any means he/she finds necessary, from any other individual who offers credible threat of great harm or death.

    No person or group of persons has any legitimate authority to decide anything different for any other individual.

    Since human beings are social animals, there will always be disagreements and conflicts on what exactly that means in individual circumstances, of course, but since non-aggression and voluntary association and cooperation is actually easily perceived to be in ever individual’s ultimate best interest, those who foolishly continued to indulge in aggression would soon eliminate themselves from the gene pool.

    The reason most people “allow” this slavery is that they’ve been conditioned for centuries, hundreds of generations to believe that “government,” kings, etc. have a legitimate authority to rule/own their lives. The last few centuries, at least, people have been questioning the scope of this “authority,” but few have questioned deeply enough to recognize that there is no such legitimate external authority. That’s why it is the most dangerous superstition in the world.

    The only way to rid ourselves of this tyranny, in reality, is to take back individual ownership, authority, responsiblity for our lives – completely. Nobody can actually have it both ways.

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