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A smidgen of evil


Evil fish

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.”
George Carlin

Many years ago I considered myself an evil person. I considered myself evil for one simple reason. I did not fit in to my environment, I was a clich├ęd moody loner who kept to himself, liked guns and had few friends. Then I suffered a complete nervous breakdown after almost getting beaten to death over what I consider to be one of the dumbest reasons imaginable to beat a kid half to death in a locker room. (The reason was a disagreement over the existence of kangaroos in the wild in New Zealand.) As a result my life left the preprogrammed trajectory of going to high school, becoming a real estate agent or insurance salesman. Having a bossy wife, annoying kids, divorce and eventual death of a heart attack sometime after the age of sixty.

After I reassembled the shattered bits of my psyche I realized that my life was not what I wanted it to be. I started looking for alternate paths and something solid to build my life off of. My father was absolutely useless, his homespun socialist/Maoist principles were and remain about as useful as a clutch on a spaceship. So I started asking around. At the time I lived in Eugene Oregon, so most of what I got was wishy washy new age hippy nonsense. If people can’t even believe in the laws of physics then how can they be expected to provide a solid basis for a healthy life.

Over time my sources of information got steadily better. I started out with various library books, the classical texts, books on psychiatry etc. Then, in time other sources emerged, when I began my quest for enlightenment many of my primary sources of information weren’t even in existence yet. I don’t know what the freedom feens were doing in 2004, but I know they weren’t podcasting.

As more and more information became available to me I began to realize what evil really was. It was quite simply the initiation of violent action, be it actual physical violence, acts of passive aggression, insults, wars, sanctions, theft and so on. Natural disasters, bad as they are, aren’t evil, they just happen. A tiger snacking on you is not evil, it’s just doing what it needs to do to survive. An army descending on a village and slaughtering the crap out of everyone there is evil.

As soon as I acknowledged this the world became a much more coherent place. Unfortunately for me it did not become a better place. Now that I can see the violence inherent in the system it’s a bit overwhelming to try to deal with. For instance I hope to do a write up sometime soon about Hollywood, statism and Satanism. For now it’s the little acts of aggression. Those of an interpersonal sense and the acts of violence that are essentially automatic or ignored that cheese me off the most.

I acknowledged that I had been evil. When I was a teenager I had the belief that by using copious quantities of violence that humanity could be redeemed, whatever the heck that meant. I had advocated for the elimination of a substantial portion of the human race. Total redistribution of wealth, emptying out and looting of cities and a general return to the dark ages. One of the Greek geniuses once said, give me a lever big enough and I will move the world. If you had given me a weapon big enough back in those days I might have destroyed it.
The Whole
At the same time I acknowledged that being a firearms enthusiast and not subscribing to the hippy/yuppie beliefs of most of the people around me did not make me evil. Recognizing the realities of evil in the world and the necessity of defensive violence took a huge weight off my psyche and allowed me to see that the pacifists who had been around me were not pacifists at all. The best example of this I recall, years ago I was talking to a young mother. A friend of a friend, I said.

“I politely disagree with you about that, I think human beings are naturally violent.”

Her response?

“If you had said that to me a couple years ago I would have gotten really mad at you.”

Thanks for proving my point dear.

This transition was nebulous at first, then painful, then invigorating. Then horrifying and finally pleasant. Trust me when I say that it took a long time. The horrifying bit and the pleasant bit remain because I see now what horrible things I was capable of back then and make quiet thanks that the opportunity to break the world never came up. I once had a pleasant conversation with a marine corps recruiter about how I didn’t want to join up simply because I didn’t think it was right to invade countries that hadn’t done anything to the country that was doing the invading. I told him that if there were Iraqis or Afghans or aliens marching through New York I would gladly sign up. I am glad I didn’t, simply because if I had at that time I would have had few qualms with committing crimes against humanity.

Where am I going with all this? Mr Dean often laments that he can report on horrible acts of tyranny and outright statist insanity and many will pay attention to it. But when an actual solution is proposed to such evil it tends to go unnoticed. Personally I think this comes down to base psychology. If a stranger comes up to you and punches you in the face then even if they run away you will become enraged and demand at least an explanation. More likely you will run the frig down and smack him back.

However if you have a close relative who comes to visit every now and then. And when they do you notice that all the quarters in your change jar tend to vanish. Well, there’s a dozen ways you can rationalize that away, perhaps he needs it more than I do. Maybe someone else took them. Eh, I didn’t really need them anyway.

But that person is still committing an evil act. Not quite on the level of punching someone in the face, but it’s still evil. All of those little evil acts build up over time, stealing resources and occasionally culminating in orgies of violence. If we are going to establish a society with the minimum amount of evil possible it will require radical changes in almost everything. Evil probably won’t go away entirely, there will most likely be scam artists, thieves and even murderers in Lib-Par. But I wish to see a society where these people live a harried and marginal existence, or laughed at. Operating at the ragged edge on society in a state of perpetual fear of being done away with. Not lauded as Top Men (or women), with their evil acts celebrated as brave, rational, politically shrewd and even, ugh, sexy. Where a high level government job, or being a gangster is sung of as being the best kind of life there is. Where not one but two movies were released recently that featured the president fighting terrorists attempting to knock down the White House. Although both of said movies were box office bombs. So I think the forces of good are making progress.

This won’t be easy, but as technology advances the task becomes less and less impossible with each passing day. But we won’t get anywhere by focusing exclusively on the acts of evil people and evil systems. Or by attempting to use evil to fight evil. Certain people accumulate an audience by appealing to fear, or appealing to the use of defensive violence. While defensive violence certainly has a place it is not the ideal solution to most problems. Not every problem looks like a nail. Moreover our society has become one which is built on continuous change. Those who try to freeze technological development in place are the most hardcore of statists, or whack jobs. Or the Amish, but I am not too worried about insulting them for a couple of obvious reasons.

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