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An allegory of black helicopters. Or werewolves n things.


Evil choppa!

“Mr Diaz seems to suggest that Hassan was an utterly unremarkable specimen. A grumbling, sad, but otherwise harmless officer of the US army. With no obvious access to any weapon more dangerous than a butter knife. Until one day he went into a gun store and asked about getting a handgun. An advanced and powerful handgun. Then he laid his hands on an FN Five seveN automatic pistol and he turned into a goddamn werewolf.” Quoted from my review of the last gun.

A recent episode of the blame it on outer space podcast considered various fables relating to black helicopters. BioOS is a conspiracy theory takedown podcast out of New York which I recommend with one caveat. It’s done from a rather mainline liberal perspective. But hey, it’s a comedy, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Naturally I had heard of black helicopters before, that they were a symptom of various nefarious government programs. But this went further, getting into claims that black helicopters are living creatures. Flying monsters with minds of their own. Created parasitically by incubating in humans or other mammals until they explode out of the host body and go do whatever nefarious things that they do.

Interesting image eh? It reminded me of a thought I had when I was a kid that if there was such a thing as werewolves couldn’t there be say, were-squirrels or were-horses or were-cats? All this black helicopter talk got me thinking of were-helicopters. An image percolated in my mind of a completely vanilla helicopter that under the light of a full moon transforms into a heavily armed monstrosity then goes on a cattle mutilating spree.

Werewolves, and where available other were-creatures amount to little more than amusing stories told to scare children and the extremely gullible. But they make for an interesting allegory of the destructive and animalistic tendencies of humanity unleashed.

There’s one big difference between were-creatures and black helicopters. Black helicopters exist. Two that fit the conspiracy theory mould precisely were used in the official story of the assassination of Osama bin Ladin. There are other such machines buzzing around. Though most military helicopters usually don’t have stealth coatings or silent running drives they are still incredibly deadly. Allowing one or two pilots to wreak a level of havoc unimaginable not that many years ago. Far more than any mythical werewolf.

Any work of fiction is the reflection of the mind of whoever invented it. Young children are told to fear the nebulous bogeyman, something which I was never given any kind of description. Kind of hard to be afraid of something when you have no idea what it is or what it looks like. Older children are told to fear werewolves and vampires. Which I suppose is a reflection of the dangers that might be in the woods. Or of villains invading their home and killing them. (Of course with all this twilight bullshit people have been spun a line that vampires are sexy. Which is something I find to be disgusting on several levels, but I digress.) If people have black helicopters on the brain then they are probably in fear of the military industrial complex. Perhaps justifiably so.

Black helicopters are another part of a curious interrelated phenomena of our times. The phenomena of the conspiracy theory, that the government is covering up various nefarious activities ranging from illegal weapons sales to the existence of extraterrestrial life. I used to believe in all manner of conspiracy theories, but ever since I was briefed on the trivium method I have found that while many are provable others are just nonsense. It’s not very hard to prove that the government is involved in illegal weapons sales, (Iran contra, fast and furious.) It’s not hard to prove that the government has experimented on its own citizens (army LSD experiment). I don’t think it’s too hard to prove chemtrails exist.

So I think a lot of this lore that is not provable with actual documents or other glaringly obvious evidence is just that. Lore, elaborate fictions spun to discredit anyone who doubts the official story on anything. But illusions can be helpful if you acknowledge that they are not real. A fable about black helicopters can be spun into any number of tales. But the most common one would probably be some variation of the centuries old fable of technology run amok.

Though I consider myself a cyber Luddite I acknowledge the multiplication of force facilitated by modern technology. Cell phones by themselves have allowed increases in ease of commerce unimaginable thirty years ago. But this is a double edged sword, people with good intent have more power, but people with bad intent have more power as well. Those who intend to use non defensive violence can call on weapons potent enough to obliterate civilization as we know it.

This bad intent comes to the surface with countless stories, both fiction and nonfiction, of atrocities committed by people gone mad with power. Or of their creations run amok. Ever since the industrial revolution there have been various stories of technologies getting out of hand and attempting to destroy mankind. As of yet there have been no such creations publicly acknowledged. I like to think that if a machine or monster was created that offered a viable threat to the continuity of our species it’s existence would be made public. But who knows what manner of horrors have been thought up by DARPAs minions that we haven’t been told about.

Which gets into the inevitable question that has bedeviled humanity ever since we crossed the technological rubicon into the atomic age. How do we keep going as a species without blowing ourselves to kingdom come? All manner of answers have been contemplated, but most of these get off into the terrain of absurdity like technological regression to a new dark age. Or lunacy such as eliminating the primitive desires of human beings by mind control or by simply getting rid of humanity entirely.

To me such thoughts are ridiculous beyond description. In my opinion you are not really afraid of your technology, you are afraid of yourself. You are terrified of the out of control creature you may become if you were gifted unlimited power. The reason why our society is drowning in weapons of ever increasing complication and power is because of base psychological flaws writ large and multiplied exponentially by countless people who are, quite simply mentally ill. If you do have a black helicopter, or some other seemingly impossible or invincible manifestation of state power shadowing you, harassing you and threatening to kill you. If you can prove that you are not insane, that helicopter is just another tool. And so is the is the jerk flying it.

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