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Adaptive programming for the human mind


I have been percolating on this article for an absurdly long time. It has gone through more permutations and modifications than the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But I have decided that the time has come for me to publish my opinion on this after having seen an act of violence on broadcast TV so horrific that I would have never imagined would have been allowed to air, even on cable.

Some time ago I called into the Feens weekend show. It was one of the handful of times when The Bad Quaker was cohosting. I asked mr Deans opinion on why it seemed like the entertainment industry seemed to be celebrating evil at every opportunity. Really insane satanic style evil too, I didn’t even mention all the hip hop artists who constantly brag about being in the illuminati. Admittedly I phrased the question in a somewhat confusing fashion. When was the last time you heard the term, “live the life of Riley?” Mr Dean shared with us an interesting analysis of the old writing trope of the heroes journey and how most stories in some way or the other are the same story over and over but with variations of some sort.

While that is interesting, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was the repeated theme of unspeakable evil in television. I can cite numerous examples of this but what I want to focus on is two shows in particular. FOXs The Following and the show that caused me to finally get this article finished, NBCs Revolution.

I can’t watch The Following anymore, every time I try to I get physically ill. When I first heard of it I thought it was going to be a knockoff of another show, The Mentalist. It sounded an awful lot like that show told from the perspective of that program’s primary villain, Red John. A totally evil serial killer who, unlike almost any other serial killer I have heard of; has a huge army of utterly loyal followers and is capable of godlike acts of magic.

In short order I find out that The Following is nowhere near as classy, restrained or even as realistic a show as The Mentalist. In every episode I have seen someone (usually many someone’s) killed in an incredibly over the top fashion, the act of murder is reveled in like pornography. Sometimes it even combines murder and sex in a horrifying act of nausea inducing grotesquerie. Then there is the blood, sooooo much blood in all of these shows.

With the possible exception of the Manson family I know of no historical precedent of there being serial murderers who have created a cult or an army to go out and murder in packs, never mind challenge the might of law enforcement. Yet there are at least two shows on television I know of that have that as a driving force of the plot, it’s absurdity. As illogical as serial killers are they are usually smart enough to not bring in a couple of dozen people into their crimes. Three can keep a secret as long as two are dead. This also ignores the fact that serial killers don’t tend to seek each other out. In the handful of cases where serial killers share the same hunting grounds they seem to regard each other as hostile. As a tiger might regard another tiger hunting on its territory.

Perhaps a serial killing cult story is just an allegory for the emergence of the state. Or that all this is just braggadocio on the part of statists about them being able to get away with killing unbelievable numbers of people.

This is just spitballing on my part though. I have engaged in no detailed analysis of the mind of serial killers and I don’t want to. Understanding the mindset of hardcore statists is more than enough for me.

Bad as that is, in my opinion Revolution is worse. At least The Following has some decent acting. Revolution is set in a most confusing, nonsensical post apocalyptic environment with the worst special effects I have ever seen. Where diamonds are the only currency, even though they are an awful means of exchange. People have red dot sights on their AR-15s, even though electricity doesn’t work. And the US federal government is trying to reestablish the new world order by torturing the living day lights out of everyone with the misfortune to be within their sphere of influence. It is such a catalog of bestial behavior that they might as well replace it with an hour long show where Chuck Shumer leads a swat team door to door to confiscate guns and drugs or just stomp, rabbits, kittens, and other harmless, helpless animals to death with hobnailed boots. Perhaps they could produce a joke show from thirty rock called bitch hunter

I only watch this show because I don’t have cable and usually there is nothing else on around the time it is broadcast. The last time it aired I was on the phone with a good friend of mine so I wasn’t really paying attention. Still there was an act of evil that I am shocked that the squares at the MPAA allowed it to be broadcast. A child rescued from a federal government indoctrination facility is returned to her father. When he inspects her he finds a serial number tattooed on her lower inner eyelid. After he reads the number she steals his shotgun, kills him, then attempts to kill everyone around her. When the shotgun is revealed to only have one shell in it she grabs a knife and slits her own throat.

For years Alex Jones and others have been talking about this sort of thing. That when you allow the Feds and banksters to run rampant the end result is going to be over the top child sacrifice. It’s bad enough to hear this talked about, but to see it acted out in front of your face, it’s unspeakable.

To those who might claim that this sort of thing is intended as a warning, I disagree. If it were intended as a warning, first off, it would probably not be allowed on television. Secondly it would probably propose countermeasures beyond the old default of, “kill all the bad guys!” No, I think television shows like this are intended as adaptive programming.

I think shows like this, and other things like the Hunger Games movies is, for lack of a better way of saying it, the state unmasking. It’s true intentions, an attempt to get people used to the idea that the government is poisoning your food and water. Indoctrinating or outright murdering your children and attempting to bring about a new dark age.

This was a rocket recently launched by the National Reconnoissance Office I kid you not.
This was a rocket recently launched by the National Reconnoissance Office I kid you not.

If you are interested in knowing more there is plenty of material out there. Mark Dice has an interesting, if somewhat overwrought YouTube series of videos on the subject of evil in the entertainment industry. There are plenty of other less famous conspiracy theorists who discuss the subject. But my favorite is probably a chap named Mark Passio, he has a radio show called What on Earth is Happening which I highly recommend which talks about this subject matter in a very clear and concise matter. I only have one real problem with the guy, this is going to sound really stupid and petty. His voice sounds an awful lot like the character of Shmuley “snot” Lonstien on American Dad.

But coming back to the term conspiracy theorist. It is a term that has many negative connotations. But over the past few years many of those theorists have been proven right over and over again on various subjects. On this subject matter though, that the entertainment industry is intentionally glorifying evil in it’s darkest forms. Celebrating everything short of pedophila (and there is plenty of evidence of that going on in the English entertainment industry, just look up Jimmy Saville). Can you really call something a conspiracy theory when it is broadcast every night at 8:00 pm pacific time?

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