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“I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.” – Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

The above video is from Cinemasins, probably my favorite YouTube channel at the moment. Utilizing a movie decidedly familiar to Feens everywhere to provide a lesson on the broken windows fallacy. There’s some other funny stuff, for one thing, notice the dealership at three minutes eight seconds in. An Oldsmobile dealership, a car company that no longer exists is prominently featured. What I think is most interesting thing about this movie is that I and others consider demolition man to be one of the most optimistic future scenarios. But it’s still an outcome which would qualify as a disaster and cartoonishly outdated by modern standards. Wesley Snipes’s electric gun for instance is way too slow firing to use in actual combat.

And where the heck did he get the bullets for all the other guns. I saw where he got the guns, but I didn’t see any piles of ammo sitting around that museum. Also I have never heard of a museum that keeps all it’s weapons in an operational state, but since it is a movie I digress.

There have been other attempts to portray the future in movies. But time after time it is the same frigging story. That there was a big war, or some kind of environmental crisis. These movies and tv shows are all set in the post apocalypse and the world sucks. At every turn there are robots, zombies, aliens, nazis. Sometimes the rare Robozombienazialien, or some manner of outlanders from the cursed earth waiting around every corner to steal, rape or murder the main characters and everyone they ever met. This is reflective of the entertainment industries general death cult mentality, wether it’s a regular statist style death cult. Or some kind of thing that goes back to before ancient Egypt is for you to decide. All I know is that other than demolition man the most optimistic future scenario I have seen out of Hollywood is on the TV show Almost Human. That scenario still sucks, they just use buzzwords [read this next part in a grandpa voice] that the hip youngsters like such as 3D printing and the bit-coin.

So, what is the root of this unoriginality? In my opinion it comes down to two simple elements. The biggest one being that the entertainment industry is a remarkably monolithic bloc. Monolithic blocs tend to favor the mindset of using brute force to solve almost all problems, that often means violence. Or at least an inability to see solutions at a smaller scale which is essential for the accomplishment of the most productive effort with the minimum expenditure of resources. The other element is that there is a powerful hunger by the controllers of society to control the narrative of society. What better way of controlling the narrative could there be than a monolithic entertainment industry where you can take whatever story you like. Splice it with a historical event and sell whatever bull honkey you like as history.

I’m not even going to get into the carry on about Jews running the place, I think that has been done to death. I think it’s more important that Hollywood has been a tool of the military-industrial complex for quite some time. Walt Disney made numerous productions during World War Two to support our troops, even though no one said it like that back then.

To this day with relatively few exceptions the entertainment industry continues to churn out relatively minor modifications of the same old stories over and over again. This is a real tragedy given the sheer number of people who buy into this system. No small number of them must be genuinely talented, but in many examples of their work I have seen you wouldn’t know it.

Sometimes the variations of these same timeworn stories go off in absolutely bizarre directions which only make sense to someone who is well briefed on esoterica of ancient occult practices. Sometimes these movies are such ridiculous circle jerks that they fail under the weight of their own stupidity.

(Side track, I watched White House Down the other day. I must admit I kind of liked it even if the story was less logical and coherent than Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Of all the dumb, loud movies I have ever seen it was among the dumbest.)

Hollywood is famous as being a terrible place to work. Well, famous among those who have done the smallest smidgeon of homework on the industry. I have met quite a few people in my life, I haven’t met anyone yet who was enamored of the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown. Consider that name alone, Tinseltown, signifying a town built on shine and flash but with no real intrinsic value. But perhaps my opinion is just because I hang around with the wrong crowd. You know, crass right wingers who think all movies except a handful of westerns are worthless faggotry. Or crazier left wingers who at some point may have been selling industrial quantities of narcotics to people in that line of work. Heck, I heard from one of those right wingers that the reason why the entertainment industry is in Southern California is because they liked to hop the border down to Mexico in order to escape prosecution under IP and various other laws. A serious problem even way back at the turn of the century.

I hang out with a weird crowd.

The incredible thing about the entertainment industry is that with a few small exceptions it appears to be fractally awful. The little details of nastiness are reflected in the larger whole. When a bad movie comes out, in most of the cases I have seen everyone blames each other. Writers blame directors, directors blame writers. Actors are widely ridiculed, they even get an award, the razzy, and everyone who knows them detest the producers, agents, paparazzi and other concubines of fame. All the while there are few who ever step up and take responsibility for a shoddy product. But this is probably a result of the facelessness of corporate power structures as much as anything. If you think I am beating on Hollywood excessively I have a similar opinions of all other monopolistic industries like energy conglomerates or telecommunication companies.

But monopolies are disintegrating all over the world. The tide of deregulation of large industries in the US and many other countries was clearly intended to be a series of insider deals to benefit certain gluttonous behemoths of companies to gain even more money, power and influence. However all this deregulation and technological advance has unleashed forces that the scrutinizers cannot control. Here is an excerpt from a conversation with mr Dean. His words in italics.

“Hollywood these days probably does operate on a broken windows theory. They’re so decimated from Pirate Bay I think they must be surviving on government bailouts. It would be difficult to get hard figures, but look into how many movies are made with cooperation of the Military/State Department etc. And how that’s been going on since the dawn of Hollywood.

I see it in the end credits all the time. Big war movies always thank the army or air force or whatever. Hollywood gets free use of toys and troops and planes and tanks and access to awesome locations and all that. Army basically gets big-budget feature-length ads for the State, for free.

There’s probably some actual money involved too, or at least tax breaks.”

It gets to the point where one can almost forgive their insanity, decadence and incompetence because it’s all they know. Note however that I said forgive, not tolerate or forget.

If I sound like a downer I apologize, because there is little to be depressed about here. Entertainment and other monopolies have become more and more destabilized. We are fast approaching a point of utter collapse for the movie and TV industry similar to the collapse of the music industry and everyone who cares knows it. A couple years ago I heard an interview with an old blues musician, one of several who was forced out of retirement when hurricane Katrina destroyed their home. He observed that the music industry as he knew it was dead and he thought that was a wonderful thing. Like other dying cultures they will lash out, children will be sent to jail for illegal downloads. They might manage to pass the death penalty for movie piracy someday. But all this will do is solidify the mortar of their own mausoleum. They just don’t see that doing the same crap over and over again will not work when better options become available.

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