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Help Ben Stone, AND win a microphone – from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark



Ben Stone at last year’s Porcfest. Ben is third from the right in this photo.

We’re trying to get Ben Stone to Porcfest. You can help, AND win a microphone. Ben is a great guy, a wonderful liberty podcast host on Ian Freeman’s (Free Talk Live’s) streaming network

Ben is recently recovering from a hospital stay for heart failure. He’s been invited to speak at Porcfest, but doesn’t have the funds.

No purchase or donation needed. Just share these two lines on all your social networks:

Help Ben Stone the Bad Quaker get to Porcfest!

and then post a link to it below as a comment. In 7 days, we will pick a winner at random and ship (within USA) the same great microphone the Michael Dean After Dark co-hosts are using, the USB enabled  Audio-Technica AT2005USB mic (See details HERE). It’s a great mic, good enough to start your own liberty podcast. And this mic will make you sound excellent when calling in on Skype to the Feens, MDAD, or Free Talk Live.

We’ll also include some foam windscreens for the mic (they help you get better audio), and a half-hour of tech support over Skype from Creamy Radio Audio guru, Michael W. Dean. MWD will help you hone your sound and get the best sound possible from this mic.

This contest is a labor of love from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark radio shows.

Contest ends Thursday, April 3rd at 2 PM Wyoming time. Winner will be chosen and notified within 24 hours to get shipping address. If winner doesn’t respond in 24 hours, another random winner will be chosen.

–Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi, Freedom Feens.


Update: WE HAVE A WINNER! Brigid MacDonough.

11 thoughts on “Help Ben Stone, AND win a microphone – from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark

  1. Can’t help with money late tonight, but I’ve been wanting to ask you guys if Ben has considered the “little blue pill”. It was originally developed for people with congestive heart failure and hypertension. Anyway, I rescued a dog three years ago with “CHF”. It did wonders for him. Even though it was cold in MA this winter, his heart was still working at 76%. He’s still going strong and they actually cut his dosage in half last year with no reduction in beneficial effects. Maybe it’s about time it was used as originally intended. I’ll donate tomorrow when I’m awake. See you at PorcFest, maybe.

  2. The Ben Stone must flow to Porcfest!

    I hope Ben is recovering well. When you know people who’ve had heart issues, you never stop worrying! Thanks for posting this Michael.

    I’ve taken care of the community with a journal post to the Libertarians, Austrian economics, and Agorist groups. I manage the Libertarians group, so if music or podcasts and liberty coincide, I can help you promote your goods to the liberty masses and link your artist profiles. 🙂 Libertarians

  3. I can attest the the fact that this is a pretty great microphone. It’s also for a great cause! 🙂 Maybe at PF, Ben can have a “people who donated” mini get together at his site. I know he likes his privacy, but an hour with his donating fans would be a great way to say Thank You!

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