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Bill Buppert is recovering from a heart attack


Bill Buppert had a heart attack, but is recovering. He went in the hospital Saturday and didn’t want Ben Stone and I to tell anyone, but just gave me the OK to tell people.

Bill’s a friend, and a co-host on my nighttime radio show, Michael Dean After Dark. He does the site, is an author, and a great contributor to the Liberty Mission.

He just wrote this to Ben Stone the Bad Quaker and I, and said it was OK to share the info:

Ben and Michael!

I hope to get discharged today and had a stent put in yesterday for a 96% blockage in one valve. It may even increase my energy which has been consistently low for years. Thanks for the thoughts and the best gift I could get from you is to see you sometime in the future.

We will share a campfire, I hope to stoke the fires for a deep kinship with you and Micheal during Porcfest, I will be there.

This is just a speed-bump that I will turn to advantage.

Everything will be fine.

Can’t wait to come back on the show.


Bill Buppert

6 thoughts on “Bill Buppert is recovering from a heart attack

  1. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    There are too few retired-Army anarchists to begin with… hope to see you beyond the FLOT soon 🙂

  2. man i’ve got to make it to porcfest this year, everybody i’ve been listening to for years is going. Hope your doing better Bill and i hope Neema goes.

  3. Glad you’re ok, Bill! Listening to you speak confirms my right path of liberty and voluntary interaction. You’re eloquent, sharp, and inspiring. The state can’t handle guys like you!

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