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….and Yes! We’re broadcasting this message into space!



Bernie from the UK wrote me and asked me about the Freedom Feens 10-second liner I made that says “You’re listening to the Freedom Feens, and yes, we’re broadcasting this message into space.”

AM radio reaches into space. So does the satellite transmitters that transmit up to satellites that transmit down to affiliate stations. I’ve said on the show I’m hoping that our show will reach the possibly habitable planet in the Alpha Centauri region.

When it does, the hyper-intelligent beings there will say “Wow! We’ve been monitoring transmissions from Earth for a century, but this is the FIRST sign of actual intelligent life we’ve heard!”

Then the aliens will come visit me on earth, give me their advanced protective technology, and I will be immune from the State. This will allow me to become the libertarian emperor of Earth. I will get to choose who I save for my global liberty kingdom.

Alpha Centauri is 4.37 light years from earth. Radio travels at the speed of light. That means it will take 4.37 years for my show to reach there. I’ve been on radio for a little over 1 year, so in a little over three years, I’m hoping the aliens will hear the Feens. Don’t know how long it will take them to get here. Maybe 4.7 years, maybe instantly. Maybe they can e-mail me their technology.

It’s all a joke, but it’s technically possible, and probably more probable than what religious people believe about returning saviors.

All this was inspired by my fascination with radio and space as a kid in the 60s and 70s, my belief that there is SOMETHING in this universe more intelligent that humans, and the B-movie The Man Who Fell to Earth. In that flick, David Bowie plays an alien who comes to Earth in search of water for his dying planet. He becomes the richest man on earth in a year by patenting and selling his alien technology. And he records a crappy music album and pays radio stations to play it. It has songs in his native language that are actually messages to his wife back on his home planet.

–Michael W. Dean, the Iron Hamster

3 thoughts on “….and Yes! We’re broadcasting this message into space!

  1. I still haven’t been contacted by the government but I think I may have a message for you from the good folks in AC sooner than you might expect.

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