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Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, it’s weird alright.


Weird scenes.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche

I first heard of Dave McGowan and his research into the entertainment industry some years ago. It was interesting stuff and as such I have made a point of seeking out interviews he has done. But my knowledge of his work was casual. Downright peripheral.

When I found out that he had a book out about his work on the entertainment industry I took awhile to pick up a copy. My excuse? I kept forgetting. But I finally remembered to pick up a copy. I ordered directly from the author, as such I got a signed edition. I have a small collection of signed first editions. Most of these books are decidedly obscure texts on esoteric subjects. But I love every one of them. As much as I like ebooks I do like having a few hard copies around. At least I can justify them by saying that they are completely EMP resistant.

So, I finally get around to reading the book, and I was completely blown away. McGowan takes a relatively flat official narrative and unfolds it into a massive origami of mystery, culture, history, crime and outright murder. If you have the slightest interest in the history of modern music, espionage, mind control or the counterculture I would strongly insist that you read this book. McGowan’s writing style is a bit crude, he injects a great deal of sarcasm into the text and there are a few grammatical errors. However you should be warned that this book gets a little, gruesome.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”
– Auric Goldfinger, in “Goldfinger” by Ian L. Fleming.

Well then what would we call a couple dozen times?

It’s well known that a great many rock stars lived hard, died young and left ugly corpses. But I was a bit shocked to see just how many dead bodies were piled up like cordwood in the canyon. I was even more shocked to see how many were suicides, murder/suicides and “suicides”. Evidence was concealed, homes were burned down and survivors acted very suspiciously after finding out about the deaths of coworkers, family and loved ones. Worse than that is the sometimes downright cartoonish level of overkill and blaring obvious occult undertones of many of these deaths.

As a fan of Hunter S Thompson. (Whom I have read allegations was a USG asset or informant of some sort.) I can see that the world is an ugly place and in so many ways our modern western culture is even uglier. As I have previously written about anyone with even the smallest smidgeon of brainpower can see that there is an extensive vein of occultism, brutalisim and outright satanism in the entertainment industry. Weird Scenes details extensive occult activity in the entertainment industry. Though he died a couple decades before the whole Laurel Canyon scene got going. The particularly ugly fingerprints of the notorious occultist Alestier Crowley can be seen all over the canyons culture.

My personal feelings on the subject of religion is something I will reserve for another day. In simplest terms it’s something that most people simply cannot understand. But I have grown tired, sometimes enraged by the constant references to ancient mysticism, esoteric traditions and ritualistic child sacrifice I see splashed all over so much of modern music, movies and TV. To anyone who says that all this is just play acting or trying to “freak out the squares”. I say, “grow a brain loser, it’s not play acting if someone does it all the time. Also if it was just a way of freaking people out then perhaps one could try switching things up now and then?” As far as I am concerned what all Satanisim, sincere or insincere. Deistic or atheistic entails. Is an attempt to make things uglier. To waste, spread ignorance and generally make things worse than they needs to be. To either make the world around you as ugly as you feel. Or make the entire world a slave to your dark god.

But I have gone barreling off into my own opinions here. Back to zee book!

The occult crap is boringly familiar to me by now. The weirdest stuff in the book in my opinion is the stuff that McGowan admittedly doesn’t know much about. Because no one knows about it. There was apparently a secret compound built by Nazi sympathizers built in nearby Rustic Canyon called Murphy Ranch. By now it’s overgrown and largely forgotten but significant and doubtless expensive infrastructure, stairways and foundations of the compound remain. Said compounds builders apparently believed in a future scenario eerily similar to what Charles Manson and his followers would preach decades later. Predictably Mr. Manson, his psychotic minions and supporters feature heavily in this book.

Even more interesting to me is the revelation of a secret movie studio in Laurel Canyon. The Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, home to the 1352 motion picture squadron. (Hmm, kind of makes one question what happened to the other 1351.) Practically nothing is known about this places except that a great many films were produced there for government use. Not even the conspiracy theory community, which normally provides a vast and absurdly detailed collection of thousand page reports on practically everything and an ocean of blurry photos with red arrows has practically nothing to say about this facility. Curious to think when there are conspiracy theory sites so absurd that I have seen one that insinuates that Francesco Schettino. The insanely cowardly captain of the Costa Concordia was framed for the sinking. All I have found is a few small articles on various websites. Other notes by McGowan, a brief Wikipedia page and probably most informative, this film.

Don’t worry about the for authorized personnel only label. Feens have top secret clearances.

If there is anyone out there who knows anything about this studio, or worked there. Or knows anyone who worked there, and you feel that you can talk about this without being gutted like a fish. Set afire, pushed off a cliff and your death ruled a suicide please leave a comment. I have a considerable hunger to know more about this operation. I would also like to obtain some pictures of the mysterious Murphy Ranch compound in Upper Rustic Canyon.

McGowan doesn’t make any wild claims or draw any unsubstantiated conclusions. He doesn’t appear to have any memos between the Dulles brothers, Aldous Huxley and Richard Nixon detailing how they will create and control the counterculture. Thus forestalling the collapse of the state for another few decades. There is talk of a pied piper who lured all these intelligence operators and children thereof to one place almost all at the same time. But as to who said piper was remains a mystery.

McGowan is not politically neutral. He is by his own admission very much a liberal, so he views many things through that prism. He comes across as a guy who really doesn’t care for firearms at all. But I can deal with that. Especially since he talks about how two somewhat well known California politicians, Jerry Brown and Ronald Reagan switched back and forth between Republican and Democrat labels depending on how the winds were blowing. What most people won’t be able to deal with is that this book slays an awful lot of sacred cows.

The handful of bad reviews of Weird Scenes on Amazon are quite amusing. One blathers about how McGowan ignores that all misfortune on our planet of a political nature is all the Jews’ fault. Others whine about his writing style or say that anyone who doesn’t already know about this stuff is a moron. But clearly some people are unable to handle this information and reject it outright. This is inevitable, there will probably be plenty of feens who will never consider reading this book. Hell, Robert Heinlein makes an appearance in the book. Since he not only lived in the area, and was a Naval officer. With the pithy observation that it seems quite odd that the writings of a man who many would describe as an outright fascist later in his life. Who laid down major elements of “right wing” Anarcho-Capitalism…..who would be so popular with the left-wing hippie movement defined by pacifism, love, extensive drug use, a serious phobia of weapons. And doubtless a bunch of other things that Heinlein would have considered an anathema.

One last thing. Since McGowan doesn’t know everything, or claim to know everything about all this the book comes across as an invitation. A long invitation for people to do their own work, discover the forgotten secrets and buried knowledge of dozens, perhaps hundreds of heinous crimes that took place in and around this valley. An invitation to try to prevent this sort of nonsense from happening again. Though it continues to happen, it doesn’t take too much thought to see how we are more manipulated than ever. A former deputy director of the CIA is a paid consultant and regular contributor to the CBS national news broadcast for crying out loud!

All in all I rate this book a solid 5/5. Read it, that’s an order! Although I would suggest that you get a copy from the author. It’s not much more than on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, it’s weird alright.

  1. Really good review, Hesperus!

    Though I think I agree with Bernie on both of these points:

    “The main thing I have against the theory is that most of those bands were really good. It’s highly unlikely any government agency could pick such a bunch of winners.

    “For the theory I find it very believable that LSD was promoted and pushed into the youth via Leary etc. with the CIA behind it.”

    All in all though, this book is a page burner, I couldn’t put it down.


  2. Have you heard Jan Irivin’s stuff on the Canyon? He’s real big on Aldous Huxley being behind most everything. I find, like you, the “connections” between many of the people are tenuous and don’t really amount to hard evidence. Huxley was a member of the same club as someone else for instance.

    The main thing I have against the theory is that most of those bands were really good. It’s highly unlikely any government agency could pick such a bunch of winners.

    For the theory I find it very believable that LSD was promoted and pushed into the youth via Leary etc. with the CIA behind it. Just looking at the outcome of the New Age movement and a complete inability to think and use logic seems like a desirable thing for government.

    1. Well, this is a dodgy subject, first if all I am a listener to the gnostic media podcast and I think mr Irvin’s research is compelling. One of the important aspects of this kind of work is that you don’t leave a paper trail. I mean if you were attempting to assassinate the president it probably wouldn’t be wise to leave a bunch of notes confessing to that fact now wouldn’t it? From what I have seen an awful lot of the worlds worst governmental actions were the result of some bunch of guys shaking hands over dinner someplace. How much paperwork was kept on the Rwandan holocaust?

      As for the government being “unable to find talented musicians”. I think that argument is extremely facetious. First of all the governments are not monolithic bodies. They are just collections of employees imposing their will on others and some of these employees are extremely good at their jobs. The manhattan project was a government program wasn’t it? And if it was I don’t think you can argue with it’s results. Or how about the NSA data mining program, harvesting practically every scrap of non encrypted, and doubtless quite a bit of encrypted information on the internet? This is not the work of a pack of knuckle dragging sub monkeys.

      Assuming that all government employees are a bunch of either grumbling lazybones or drooling incompetents is an extremely dangerous assumption to make.

      1. My objection isn’t that they couldn’t find talented musicians but that they could make the children of intelligence personnel into successful bands. Other than that I agree with you.

          1. Most of the bands were awful live. The recordings almost all had the same studio musicians working on them.

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