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My first blog post and my first interview – wow!


MWD so graciously provided this forum for me to post my first interview ever – even though it’s with the same guy he’s interviewed in the past 🙂  I was recently at the Cryptolina Bitcoin Conference where I met Daniel Larimer, the founder of BitShares.   For those of you not aware, BitShares brilliantly uses blockchain technologies to create DACs – Decentralized Autonomous Companies.  Personally, I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out, so I just try to immerse myself in it like I’m learning a new language.

I hope you enjoy the interview!  I certainly welcome any comments.


1 thought on “My first blog post and my first interview – wow!

  1. Congrats, newbie! 😉 Great first interview; very smooth and natural, for lack of better adjectives. And the slight Southern Belle (or Bell? I was never really sure.) accent is always a plus! 😀

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