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Household LED bulbs that I love



I was pissed when the gub-mint outlawed selling high-wattage incandescent light bulbs and I actually stocked up and bought 100 of ’em. (Anyone want to buy them?). But the price of LED bulbs has come down and the quality has gone up over the past year. I purchased a bunch of these:
LE 12W E27 LED Bulb, Brightnest 75W Incandescent Bulbs Equivalent, Warm White, Medium Screw, Pack of 5 Units. (GET ‘EM HERE ON AMAZON!)

It was 39 bucks per 5 bulbs, they last 50,000 hours (!) Incandescent light bulbs last about 1000 hours.

The light color and feel on these is great, they barely get warm, they fit in a normal incandescent base, and a 12-watt LED is the same brightness as a 75-watt incandescent!

I bought one pack of five, and liked them so much, our whole house is using them now. They rock. I don’t recommend things I don’t love, and I love these bulbs.

–Michael W. Dean

4 thoughts on “Household LED bulbs that I love

  1. I found a whole shitload of $3 7watt/(40w equiv) LED bulbs at a Family Dollar, can only find em on the web for $5.77, so I bought like 35 of em. 😀 That should keep me in trouble light bulbs for 5 years, if I didn’t already have like 3 LED trouble lights. 😉 So, I’m gonna do like a 35 bulb array of em for Season Affective Disorder season, and hopefully not get a sunburn. lol!

    Might do another 2 5 light rows of CF high output bulbs, which WILL actually sunburn you if enough of the coating wears off. 😀

    The LED lights I have are Max LITEs and low enough power that you can stuff em in enclosed fixtures, and the waste heat won’t fry out the emmisive junction. Or whatever you call this thing.

    Looks as if Cree lighting is going to dominate the market on the low end stuff very shortly.

    But eventually, OLED film will clean their clocks.

    Have already seen LOADS of color selectable studio lighting using LEDs. Beats the hell out of changing color gels I guess. 😀

  2. Man, I love LED’s.

    I remember when the miniature fluorescent bulbs hit the market, I thought Cool! They’re pricey, but they use so much less power! Then I installed them… And reinstalled them when they quit working… And reinstalled them when they quit working… Needless to say, that got old in a hurry, so I reverted to incandescent bulbs.

    We can still get those in Canada, but I’ve accumulated a bunch of extras, in case the gub’mint does that here as well.

    Hmmm… A black market smuggling light bulbs from Canada to USA?

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