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Michael W. Dean on Open-Source Licenses and Operating System Choice for programmers



This is a 21-minute audio essay culled out of a two-hour live Freedom Feens radio show. I took the time to do the editing and am posting here so I can just automate copying and pasting a link to people who make statements like “You should be producing your free software for this different operating system” or “You’re using the wrong open-source license” or “You should be using a different operating system.”

I’m doing this to save time, because we’ll never finish building the new roads for free if we have to keep addressing the same stock statements or answering the same stock questions about computing religious wars over and over. They’re all addressed and answered here.

People who make those statements are likely to land here and say “21 minutes? Too long, didn’t listen. I have more valuable things to do with my time, like telling other people who produce something useful for free how they’re doing it wrong!”

But those statements can’t be fully addressed in under 21 minutes. I could answer them for hours. Plus, this is an entertaining, well produced-audio piece. (My co-hosts are recorded over the free software we developed, FeenPhone.) So you can listen to this or not, but your only answer from me is in this file.

If you’re a non-Windows user and you’re not a demanding “gimmie gimme, do my bidding NOW!” socialist dick, and instead are actually a programmer who can make a non-Windows version (i.e. if you’re part of the solution, not part of the problem), the source code and open-source licensing info for FeenPhone is HERE.

–Michael W. Dean

2 thoughts on “Michael W. Dean on Open-Source Licenses and Operating System Choice for programmers

    1. Again, you’re missing my message. I’m not anti Mac, I’m anti people who think their OS is the one true religion. But, things you can do on a PC you can’t do on a Mac?
      –Edit a feature-length high-def movie on a computer that costs 300 bucks new.
      –run software without being in the jail of Mac’s whole ecosystem.
      –Download controversial software like Bitcoin stuff when the Apple store decides to block it.

      I could go on, but again, YOU’RE MISSING THE MESSAGE. Because you’re jumping in to defend Macs like a religion, which is my whole point.

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