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So, what really happened during World War Two?


That's your money too

I have been told that the writing on this poster roughly translates as “the care of this man costs 60,000 reichmarks a year. Fellow citizen, that is your money too.”

As I have reflected many times I am an avid student of history. There is just so much interesting stuff in that field of study and there seems to be more revelations of yet more interesting history every day. My attention is most often drawn to military history. Recent military history seems to be something I can’t escape. But it’s important to take a longer view of things. To be able to see the fowled up events of the past that create the fowled up events of today.

I am an occasional listener of the Red Ice Radio podcast. Since I started listening to that show I noticed that it skews towards a rather unpopular direction regarding cultural history. Stressing the damage that multiculturalism, socialism and political correctness is doing to Europe. This is probably inevitable as any sane person can see that the entire European continent is in big trouble as a result of years of moronic governmental policies. Red Ice often goes off in odd directions but I never would have imagined what I would have heard when Henrik Palmgren interviewed a chap named Dennis Wise who had made a movie with a most curious title. Adolf Hitler. The greatest story never told.

What was talked about in this interview struck me as odd. So odd that I decided to look into this movie. Mainly because I have wondered for years why so many Germans completely supported Hitler and his government right up until the bitter end. There were a few teensy tiny little anti nazi resistance movements. Such as the White Rose student movement and the officers plot commemorated in the movie Valkyrie.

So, I put some time aside and watched this so called greatest story never told. It’s available on YouTube, for the moment, it will probably be taken down againĀ in a little while. But it’s definitely one of those things that proves that taking something off the internet is about as easy as taking pee out of a pool.

Now, I am not going to link it here, first because would not recommend this movie. For one thing it’s SIX and a HALF fucking HOURS LONG!!! I don’t type in all caps very often but I feel that it is needed to get across the point that this movie is way way longer than it needs to be. At times it just turns into a montage of carnage and/or rape just to pad the run time. It is probably the most statist movie I have ever seen. At various times coming across as a piece of poorly made propaganda. Glorifying Germany, the Wehrmacht, Adolf Hitler and those around him to such an over the top degree that several times I felt like I was going to be sick. Moreover this movie did not reveal much that I did not know. But I like to think that I know more about WW2 than the average bear.

I did find out some new information though. It seems the German minorities in Czechoslovakia and Poland were rather roughly treated before the war started. It seems that the Poles had a thing for gouging out Germans eyes. But that sort of thing is hardly surprising. Given the mess that was made out of Eastern Europe by the Versailles Treaty. A document derided by Ferdinand Foch as.”This is not peace. It is an armistice for 20 years”.

As the movie droned on (and on, and on, and on!) I wondered when we were going to get to the holocaust denial part. I figured correctly that there was no way that one would make a movie portraying the Nazis as good guys could leave out a denial or at least a justification for one of the worst crimes in human history! It takes awhile, but it does get there and when it did I must admit that I was a bit stunned by what I saw.

I have what I consider a fairly good understanding of the holocaust. If only because I believe that the US .Gov is barreling headlong towards overt fascism. I think we are well into the realm of fuzzy fascism and eventual elimination of big chunks of the population. Most likely starting with ethnic minorities on welfare. As it is in this country one doesn’t have to look very far to find people calling for the enslavement of those on welfare to pay off their debts. But there’s more, both my grandfathers and many of my uncles fought in WW2. My uncle Max took photographs at a death camp at the end of the war. I never saw those pictures, I only know about them because his son took them to school for a show and tell event and afterwards uncle Max destroyed them. Those pictures live on only as a family legend.

As a result of this and previous unconvincing arguments I had a pretty low opinion of so called holocaust deniers. There was also the fact that the arguments I had previously heard were, shall I say, not convincing. Then I saw the evidence presented in this movie and I don’t know what to think anymore. What really got to me was the gas chambers. Some years ago I saw a show about a history of the death penalty. From the ancient Mesopotamians to today it seems that every way to execute prisoners imaginable has been implemented somewhere. With varying degrees of success.

In these United States we were using lethal injection until supplies of the drugs that were in use dried up due to European sanctions. It has been reflected in the news that other drugs used have proven to be a bit cruel and unusual. So now state governments are hunting around for other means of death. It’s ridiculous, their criteria seem to be that it has to be a painful and unpleasant death. But not too unpleasant and relatively quick.

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that gas chambers were built in various prisons in this country after WW2. But they are not used anymore because in practice gas chambers are a surprisingly inefficient, dangerous and shockingly expensive way of killing someone. Everything has to be sealed airtight. If the toxic gases leak out then the executioner might get killed as well. Then the toxins have to be rendered inert somehow to empty out the chamber to clear out the corpse, or corpses. For the next victim/prisoner. Gas chambers in American prisons were built like bank vaults and it always struck me as odd that the Germans somehow had the ability to do all this is a poorly sealed red brick building.

The gist of the argument that these “holocaust deniers” seem to make is that conditions were unpleasant. Victims were worked to death, and many were executed for infractions. But that there was no persistent campaign of elimination of undesirables. The so called gas chambers were just showers and delousing facilities. Where Zyklon B was used in small doses to kill bugs. The number of 6 million dead Jews is extremely high and those who did die were mostly victims of a Typhus epidemic.

It seems that when I hear WW2 referenced to in the Liberty community is referred to as the war to save Joseph Stalin. This is another rather strident claim of the film. It is a matter of historic record that the Russian armies that defeated the Wehrmacht left a trail of ruin, ashes and rape behind them. But when I brought that up with my friend Reggie he summed up his feelings on the subject as. “Just because I blow through a school zone at 85 mph doesn’t mean you have the right to.”

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make with all this. When I brought up what I had seen in this movie with some of my friends their reactions were, shall we say mixed. Some went, “hmm, that’s kind of interesting.” Others reacted, explosively. My aforementioned friend Reggie’s reaction was interestingly enough replicated by Mark Passio in his What On Earth is Happening podcast episode 188. Such a reaction is inevitable because of the incredibly sensitive, many would say insulting subject matter.

As for how I feel? As I have previously mentioned this movie was not well done. As for the subject matter? Any glorification, much less justification of what the Nazis did requires glorifying and justifying the most extreme variety of statist behavior. So I am going to immediately disapprove of that sort of thing. As for the question of the number of deaths? I think that does bear looking into. In a practical sense it doesn’t matter if there was six million deaths or sixty thousand. One is too many! And there were deaths, not just from Typhus. Left out of the movie is any reference to the Nazis eugenics programs which were based off of American and British programs. Left out is anything about the underground weapons factories where thousands were worked to death in inhuman conditions. Left out is the medical research done on unwilling test subjects which went on in various other countries before and after the war ended.

Notice how I might just be suggesting that perhaps the Nazis did win the war?

Which brings me to my final point. I believe that we do a disservice to ourselves and the victims of tyranny by not understanding it. I think there is still an awful lot of things that we don’t know, but perhaps more importantly don’t understand about both world wars. Two cataclysmic events that have taken an incalculable toll on our species and our planet. Don’t listen to the propaganda, OF EITHER SIDE! If you consider yourself dedicated to the cause of freedom then your only obligation is to the truth. Whatever that truth may be.

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