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Scuse me while I put on my Minarchist hat.

If you have more than a peripheral interest in the world of firearms you probably know that the ATF recently proposed banning M855 62 grain green tip 556 caliber ammunition. You also probably know that there was a massive backlash against this as thousands of gun owners badgered their representatives in government to prevent this from occurring. As a result of this the ATF has decided to shelve the proposal, for now.

Oh, and just because it hasn’t been said enough. There are no documented incidents of police officers being killed by M855 ammo. M855 ammo is not classified as armor piercing by the military and any centerfire rifle round bigger than a 22 hornet will plow through soft Kevlar body armor like a freight train through a minivan.

It also seems that there are some pistol rounds that make a mockery of Kevlar’s protective properties as well.

As reflected in the top video this has resulted in an awful lot of crowing on the part of the firearms rights crowd about bathing in the tears of fascists and other such statements. But also mentioned is the fact that this is far from over. I think the military arms channel is a very good source for information and in this video I think they really nail this situation. M855 is just the latest in a long line of bureaucratic outrages and the only reason they stopped here is because people stood up on this where they failed to stand up on so many other things. Want Chinese ammunition or firearms? I hope you like double barreled shotguns a Remington 870 rip offs. You ain’t getting anything else unless you move to Canada. Like 5.45 Russian ammo? Better be willing to pay much more than you used to for much smaller amounts. And so on and so on.

When we talk about the ATF we must immediately acknowledge that this is an organization that has been out of control since before it was even called the ATF or BATFE if you want to be anal about it. While there may be decent people in that bureaucracy they don’t tend to last long. Moreover they are outnumbered by murderous thugs who would have no hesitation to set you and all you own on fire. Feed your children feet first into a wood chipper. Rape your wife to death and reduce your pets to an ugly stain on their boots.

Now the Feds can’t get away with doing that en masse in this country just yet. Though they have certainly done such outrages on a small scale. The reason why I use such extreme examples is to get a point across. The point being that governmental incursions in our rights and even our daily lives will never stop. Even if one were to look at the proposed ammo ban from a strictly legal sense it would be against the law. Not just the constitution, but also the spirit of the original handgun armor piercing law. Where a number of the lawmakers who drafted the original law spoke out against this overreach. But none of that matters because we are not up against a group of people who consider themselves bound by law. They feel that they can do whatever they damn well please right up until someone stops them.

I can’t say this strongly enough, they have not been stopped, merely delayed somewhat. Once it becomes available again I will definitely be picking up some more M855 because in our current environment the Feds have no reason not to criminalize it. Let me give you an example, some years ago there was a proposal to ban Saiga shotguns because they did not fulfill some assholes parameters of a weapon for “sporting purposes”. Which is not only a lie, as they are commonly used in three gun “sport”. But the concept that civilian weapons have to be for sporting purposes only is an idea which was lifted from firearms laws that were passed in Nazi Germany. In any case there was an outcry, the ATF was stopped and now we can all enjoy the fun of a Kalashnikov based shotgun. Oh wait, all imports of Saiga shotguns along with rifles are subject to sanctions from the state department.

The point I want to make is that they must be stopped. Not slowed down, not reformed, just stopped. The nature of government is to continually grow and grow at the expense of everything and everyone. Oh there will be occasional reversals. But all that tells them is to be a little sneakier in their future endeavors. The human animal will be herded into ever smaller and smaller pens until it’s wood chipper time. It’s absolutely infuriating to see people make the same mistakes over and over again. Knock it off for crying out loud! Until everyone internalizes the non aggression principle and governments start to fold in a somewhat peaceful manner you will have to acknowledge that the only rights you have are either privileges granted unto you by some lazy bureaucrat. Or what you are willing to fight or even die for.

If that sounds extreme to you and you say that you aren’t willing to die for anything then don’t worry about it. Sooner or later some genocidal government will come along and make sure you die. Probably won’t be for anything that you would consider a crime. But you will still be dead.

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