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I’m going full tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist today. If that bothers you, please take solace in the fact that some day you’ll be dead, and everyone you ever loved will be dead. All you ever created or care for will wither and die. The Earth will grow cold, the sun will extinguish, and it will be as if we were never here.
J. F. Sargent

I have had an internal debate going back and forth in my mind as to wether to write this article for probably well over a year now. What first got me thinking about it was an episode of a podcast that was so ridiculous that I stopped listening to that podcast altogether. I believe it was the gunrunner podcast, which appears to be dead and gone. So unfortunately I cannot list an episode to reference. Anyway in that particular episode the host laid out a scenario where a caliphate emerged from the ruins of American global hegemony that would unite the various strains of Islam under one banner. Which along with an ascendant China would create a tripolar political world order leading to… Well, as I said I stopped listening because it was getting too silly to comprehend. Now bear with me here because this article is going to get really freaking crazy and complicated.

The host viewed the world through the lens of his own ego, experiences and peccadillos. As a somewhat more well educated than usual right winger he theorized that this mythical caliphate would be unified under what he believed to be the most effective rules for organizing a civilization. So he detailed what sounded like an LBJ style great society laid out on the lines of western political philosophy. No sharia law, democratically elected leaders. Excepting of course the caliph himself who was a dictator for life. And a firm entrenching of the ideals of a social contract under a dictatorial-constitutional government.

To me this was insanity piled upon insanity. I would never claim that I am some expert on Islam. But I know that caliphates have been tried many times over the past fourteen hundred years or so and they don’t tend to last very long as various ethnic or political groups tear these organizations apart into various rival empires. Then there is the idea, no the very cheek of thinking that all these different groups who have had their own ways of organizing their societies since loooong before Mohammed was born will discard all that in favor of western ideas? The ideas of their enemies no less? One could say that it would be like trying to get a Diesel engine to run on gasoline. But I think it would be more like getting a Diesel engine to run on curdled milk. Especially since this has already been tried by the various socialist dictatorships of the Middle East and North Africa. Whose power base has been steadily crumbling since the six day war.

I was told that saying such things might get my head cut off so I packed all this up in a jar and tried to forget about it. But I can’t be silent anymore. I have to get this out, if only for my own sake.

What made me realize this was the emergence of the Islamic State. I.S. I.S.I.S. I.S.I.L. or whatever you like to call the group that is currently spreading across various parts of the Moslem world and even parts of the western world like smallpox. For convenience I will refer to this organization simply as Isis.

Now, I like to think that I have a fairly flexible mind. One capable of comprehending the darkness that lies in the hearts of man. But it seems like every day there is a new and weirder outrage that is somehow connected to this group. We have all heard of or seen the massacres, the beheading videos. The stream of young men and women who have abandoned a seemingly comfortable existence in the west to join up with them. But what set me off was a video of the demolition of statues in the Mosul museum.

The wanton destruction of those items got me to a level of rage that I did not think I could get to without direct physical aggression. Disrespect of the past and erasure of history is a hot button issue for me and for the next couple of days I was going around grumbling. “Okay, you had your chance, reset button time. I authorize full release of whatever it takes to sterilize the area. Plow up the land, turn it to wilderness and perhaps in ten thousand years some civilization will emerge there that is not run by scum.”

Then I calmed down, I realized that this is exactly what the controllers of our society want. They want us to see our fellow humans, and thus ourselves as they see themselves. As flawed, monstrous, vile creatures suitable only for use as pets, slaves or food. I realized that I was buying the mainstream media line. Violating one of my own cardinal rules, don’t ever trust the mainstream media.

So I got in contact with one Will Coley. I figured of all the people that I have contact with he would probably be the best one to talk to about all this. It took awhile to get him on the phone but when I did it was a most edifying and relaxing experience. First of all he illustrated that the statues destroyed at the museum were replicas. The originals are in Baghdad or London. I must admit that it did strike me as odd that they crumbled so quickly and that some of them appeared to have rebar in them. But as we got to talking he revealed something very interesting about Isis. That if you look at them with enough background knowledge they appear to be the fulfillment of certain apocalyptic prophecies within Islam.

Now this really got my attention as I have studied Christian apocalyptic prophecies off and on for years. I had been meaning to study the end time prophecies of other religions for years but I had never gone beyond a casual examination simply because they all started to sound the same after awhile. Oh, there are usually different things that set the end of time in motion. But it seems like the overwhelming bulk of religions have some kind of vaguely hinted at expiry date where the forces of good and evil decide. “Okay enough screwing around, let’s settle this once and for all.”

Within Christianity there is the book of revelations. Within Judaism there are a variety of prophecies. What I have most often heard of is various bits in the Old Testament that says that one generation after the Jews are reestablished in their holy land a third temple will be built that will eventually bring about an end to all their problems. Certain evangelical groups in the US and elsewhere explicitly state that they support the Israeli government no matter what atrocities or outrages they commit because of these prophecies. If you have any knowledge of Norse mythology, or heavy metal music for that matter you probably have heard of Ragnarök. Within various shamanistic and tribal religions there is usually something that says that someday their gods will come back and make drinking cups of their enemies skulls. Even within Hinduism and Buddhism. I have heard some very interesting things recently about the myth of Shangri la. Specifically its relationship to the emergence of communism in Mongolia, China and the Asian soviet republics in the 1920s. Did you know Mongolia was one of the first communist states after the Russian revolution? Or that the communist party remained in power there until 1996? Long after it fell in the eastern bloc. Even though they relinquished their monopoly on political power in 1990. It seems that various political commissars went into these regions and convinced the locals that the 1917 Russian revolution was the beginning of a variety of prophecies.

Some look at these convergent themes and see a greater hand at play. That there is some grand conspiracy at work here that goes back to the dawn of time. Or they see the fingerprints of God or The Devil at work guiding history in certain directions. I don’t, personally I think that an awful lot of this is just the fact that many different approaches have been tried to control people down through the years and that the most successful controllers keep coming back to the same wells of power. I am not going to advocate for the involuntary stripping of anyone’s religion. At the same time you can pray all you want to God or invoke all the demons you can imagine. You aren’t going to convince me that the great will of the macrocosm is going to care if I had matzo ball soup, a salad, halal roast chicken or bacon wrapped pizza for lunch. But it seems that you can get people to do all manner of atrocities in exchange for the promise of heaven, paradise, the end of all evil or even simple absolution.

But beyond the religious stuff there is the deeper, older issue of rivalries, unsettled beefs and anger. For all the damage done by the United States government in the Middle East and North Africa as much or more damage has been done by various European governments and the various western aligned kingdoms and dictatorships of these areas. The whole region is drowned in the slime of corruption. Even when I was a boy in the 1990s, long before 9/11 I was disgusted by the atrocities of the Saudi government. It would be absolutely absurd to expect the people there to just quietly sit there forever and continue to bear these outrages. So secondary catch mechanisms are set up in the form of various organizations that claim to be working towards the violent overthrow of these systems. When in fact they are controlled by the same systems.

Which brings me to my point. People all over the western world are collectively fowling their breeches at the thought of the rising “caliphate” in the Middle East and North Africa. Yet efforts so far on the part of the western governments to counter Isis have ranged from pointless to having the opposite effect. One does not have to look far to find stories of ammunition being air dropped to Isis fighters. Or of funds and other resources intended for so called moderate groups winding up in their hands through less direct means, oops!

As I said earlier I do not consider myself an expert on Islam. However I do consider myself a fairly apt pupil of human behavior. Among the numerous fallacies that riddle the mind of statists is the belief that human behavior can be measured and quantified down to the smallest degree. That with enough computing power, time and effort all of humanity can be forced into one giant clockwork mechanism.

Now on the face of it the current chaos in the Middle East and North Africa may appear to be a failure on the part of the controllers. Over the long term it might be, but for now it is serving numerous purposes. It is providing an external enemy to focus on. Both for the western world and the extremists. All the while the picture of who is on what side becomes as clear as mud as various groups that have had vendettas against each other since before the birth of Abraham attempt to use the current chaos to their advantage. All the while religion is used as a weapon to justify uncountable atrocities.

Chart from soldier of fortune magazine
Chart from soldier of fortune magazine

Just think, this only refers to Afghanistan!

One could say that this all goes back to the fact that Abraham had two sons. But for lack of time I would like to go back to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq as an example. When it happened I figured at first that it was going to be like Clintons conflict with Saddam. A few bombs would be dropped, the situation defused and George W Bush would eventually get the Nobel peace prize for magnanimously not slaughtering quite so many people. Then the invasion happened and I thought. “Okay, they will probably go in there, knock over the dictator and put in a new dictator that will tow the line.”

As you know that did not happen. The entire control structure that had kept a lid on the Iraqi people’s simmering resentments was unceremoniously shit canned by ambassador Bremer and the stage was set for a long and brutal “low intensity” war. It seems that this is the war that the social controllers want us to wage for the rest of eternity. Big battles with a conclusive victor and wars with a conclusive end are out of style. Now the wars will consist of various little groups wreaking havoc. Also they will never end.

The end goal of all this is to bring about a new order out of this chaos. According to various sources. I admit the biggest one for me is Alex Jones. The controllers of our society were able to see the signs that various old socialist dictatorships in the Middle East and North Africa were on their last legs and about to fall. So they made sure that they fell in such a way that ensured the greatest degree of chaos. Such is the mindset of statists. Not unlike a jealous lover who decides to destroy all of your property or perhaps kill you when they realize that your relationship with them is at an end. I do not know what the end goal of those in charge is. But given their previous actions I would be willing to bet that it is going to be unspeakably ugly. Probably involving mass genocide, (remember that reset button I mentioned earlier?). Which will be cheered on by various people in the western world. Then perhaps forcing the survivors into some kind of new religion. This may sound familar to anyone who has even a casual knowledge of the book of revelations. As a fulfillment of that texts claims that the antichrist will reign on earth until Jesus comes back.

So, in the grand scheme of things that’s what I think Isis, Al Qaeda and their various related Sunni terror groups are. A sideshow, just another control mechanism among many. Will they establish a new caliphate to unite Islam? No, certainly not with Shia Iran standing in their way. Are they a threat to the region or the western world? Damn right they are! Especially since any idiot psycho can watch a few videos, claim they are with Isis and go commit a massacre someplace. But anyone who thinks that they hold the key to undermining the hegemonic dominance of the western world in the Middle East is delusional or extremely naïve.

It is well known that the CIA and other intelligence groups created Al Qaeda during the Cold War. Then the US government created Isis as a result of their “incompetence” during the Iraqi invasion. But it reaches a point that the level of incompetence is so high that one has to see a bigger agenda at play. If one has an employee manning a cash register who is constantly a few dollars short every day and things tend to go missing around them do you throw your hands up and say. “Oh you are so incompetent!” No, that employee is stealing from you.

Let us try to keep a cool head and see things for what they really are. Not what we are told they are. Continue your search for truth and evidence of that truth

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