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2015 Exploring Psychedelics conference


Exploring psychedelics

Psychedelics are an interesting subject matter to me. I spent many of my formative years around Eugene Oregon where. If you have never been there. It is a place where it seems like the overwhelming bulk of people either are or act like they are on some mind-bending substance. Yet I have never partaken. Was never invited by anyone I knew. Heard quite a few stories. Everything ranging from a guy tripping on LSD going absolutely bezerk on a friends car with a hatchet. To the origins of the counterculture in the form of MKUltra experiments with LSD and other substances that spread into things too numerous to list here.

My current interest in all things mind altering was sparked off by an interview on the Alex Jones show. The guest was one Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media. When I first heard him talking about the Trivium Method and whatnot my interest was piqued and I started poking around Gnostic Medias vast archives of articles, podcasts and even a couple of movies. I found out that mr Irvin and his cohorts have done extensive research into psychedelic substances. This was the first time I had ever seen comprehensive, coherent research into these substances. Everything I had seen so far swung towards the two extremes of, “drugs are bad mmmmkay.” To “you gotta try this shit man, it’s like a rocket ride straight into the heart of God!”

Now before we go further I need to preface something. I generally recommend the Gnostic Media website. I was the one who set up a conversation between Michael Dean, Derek Slopey and Jan Irvin. However I have a long standing disagreement with mr Irvin. When he asked me for my physical address to return a copy of Hologram of Liberty that I had loaned him I used a term in conversation. Specifically the term was “drone proof” and he went off on me like nothing I have ever seen in an email. Accusing me of all manner of heinous things, being an acolyte of Terrence McKenna and sending him gigabytes of research. My response was something to the tune of. “Dude what the fuck are you talking about? I don’t know shit about Terrence McKenna. I have never sent you any research and I don’t think I have ever worked for the FBI.”

I suppose he held on to that resentment a little more tenaciously than I did. Sometime later when I had hoped he had cooled off a bit I tried to ask him for a good source of information on Ahyuasca. He replied, “I don’t help anyone who has not done their homework” and I thought that was going to be the end of my looking into this stuff.

Then funnily enough an episode of Gnostic Media dropped featuring an interview with one Martin Ball. If memory serves it was on the subject of debunking the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecies. A cursory examination of Martin Ball’s work provided me with all the information I was looking for and a whole lot more. That was all Mr Irvin had to do, say two little words, Martin Ball. And I was on my way to a vast new field of information. What really grabbed my attention was his work with a substance called 5meoDMT.

What seemed to keep coming up over and over with various sources explaining the beneficial use of hallucinogens is the importance of critical thinking. It is certainly an overarching theme of the work found on Gnostic Media. But most other credible appearing sources I found strongly suggest that one needs a fairly well functioning mind with a very effective “bullshit detector”. In order to get the most out of these substances. To be able to see that any visions you might see of emerald cities, or your dead great great great grandfather, or machine elves. Is simply a reflection of your own psyche.

That’s the key it seems, to getting anything out of these substances. To be able to comprehend what you are seeing. If one is able to do that then it appears that hallucinogens can facilitate all manner of wonderful things. Such as treatment of cluster headaches and healing of emotional traumas. However if you do not have the required critical thinking skills your brain usually winds up broken in a plethora of nasty ways. One might wind up devoutly worshiping the government, or aliens, or Communism, or your neighbors 64 Impala after you have “seen” certain things while tripping.

But one can only learn just so many things on the Internet. Some things you just have to experience for yourself. I have no friends in my geographic area who have any interest in hallucinogens beyond thinking that they are satan incarnated in mushroom or powder form. So when Martin Ball himself invited me to the Exploring Psychedelics conference I felt that this was going to be as good an opportunity as any to establish connections in this world.

After a fairly effortless drive I arrived at my base camp in Ashland Oregon. Glenyan Campground. A rather rundown and well hidden camp and RV park with tiny showers and fairly decent wifi. The first night I spent there was uncomfortable. I haven’t been camping in years and I never enjoyed sleeping on the cold hard ground with nothing but a bedroll and a sleeping bag. Although I must say the weather was extremely cooperative. There was a brief drizzle, but other than that the weather was perfect, not too hot or cold.

On the first morning I did feel a little chill. So I put on the warmest thing I had. A Saudi Arabian royal guard uniform. When I did so I found my incredible disappearing/reappearing Gerber tactical pen. I love this pen, but I swear to god that half of the time I have owned it it has been missing. But it has always found its way back so far. The week I got it I dropped it on a pedestrian footbridge near my house and when I came back the next day it was still there. I suppose anyone who saw it figured it was a drill-bit. I figured that it reappearing was a good omen.
Scary pen.
Does this look like something you would pick up of you so it lying on the sidewalk?

So I get to the conference and I can immediately tell that there is something different about the people around me. They seem energetic, more energetic than almost all adults I know. It seems obvious to me that this is going to be an interesting event. I go in where things are being set up and before I help set up chairs I can’t help but observe to Mr Ball. “I think I am a little too militarized for this environment.” He notices the uniform and has a laugh at the absurdity of it. I don’t think I am going to be booted out as a government employee. Especially since it is the uniform of a foreign military. But just to be respectful I lose the uniform shirt.

The conference was a wonderful experience. Everything flowed together very nicely. There were no major fowl ups, not too many technical issues. The speakers presented a mostly clear and coherent summation of their findings. The attendees of the conference were some of the most remarkable people I have ever met. This is from a cursory examination mind you. But the people I met there seemed like the most psychologically healthy bunch of people I have met in years. I will not be posting pictures through for three reasons. One is that I want to respect the conference goers privacy. Another is that I did not take too many pics. The third reason is related to the second. What pictures I did take, came out looking like crud.

But though the conference went well my attending of it had some problems. The second night I spent at the campground held a nasty surprise. I woke up in the dead of night with the taste of vomit in my nose. I thought to myself “that can’t be good.” And washed my mouth and nose out with water. But that was nothing compared to what happened when I woke up the next time.

I woke up and a voice in my head said, “whatever you do don’t move your leg!” So like an idiot I moved my leg. Suddenly my calf muscle in my right leg started moving in ways that I didn’t think were possible. For at least ten minutes I was “exploring unknown galaxies of pain”. Thought that up while it was happening. Eventually the pain faded, but the muscle twitches continued. Twisting those muscles into something out of a Salvador Dali nightmare. As I watched this happening I couldn’t help but think, “hmm, hallucinations becoming reality? That’s not good.”

After I got back I was diagnosed with a spider bite being the cause of the unpleasantness. I thought it was the mother of all leg cramps.

Partly as a result of this I cut my attendance short. I only stayed on the second day until lunch break. But I learned a great deal and I met a lot of great people. I feel that I have to go ahead with my exploration of these substances. If only for the sake of spreading around the ideals of voluntarism and anarcho-capitalism in this environment. If there was one thing I did not enjoy about the conference it was the undeniable undercurrent of hippy flavored socialism wafting through the the air. But more than that I have come to the conclusion that when properly used. Certain hallucinogens have the potential to be extremely useful.

Would you like to know more? Whole recordings of the presentations made at the conference are being released on Martin Ball’s Entheogenic Evolution Podcast. There are only two episodes from the conference up right now but more will become available in time. It will take awhile to get everything up there due to bandwidth restrictions. But hey, if you want to hear all the presentations now I suppose you could make a large donation to the podcast with a note saying that you want to hear everything now. Regardless there is plenty of other quality material on The Entheogenic Evolution to keep you busy. Oh and just so you know the audio quality on the Entheogenic Evolution is outstanding. The sound on the conference recordings is probably the best I have ever heard on a conference recording where there are so many uncontrollable variables. Heck you can even hear me a couple times during Matt Vogel’s presentation

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