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Reno Guns and Range, an assessment.



File this one under odd coincidences. I recently moved to a new house and not long after I settled in there I found out that U.S. Firearms Academy had moved as well and changed their name to Reno Guns and Range. While that may not sound too strange, what is strange is that their new location is fairly close to my new house.

I have written here before about USFA and their manager who banned me from his store with no explanation given. Others have been given similar treatment and the reputation of the business suffered. Well, that manager is long gone and this business is trying to distance itself from those bad practices as much as possible.

First of all their new facility is really impressive. It looks like it is about the size of an aircraft carrier. It contains an indoor range (obviously). Classrooms, a very large and well stocked showroom. A VIP lounge and even scenario rooms where those with the finances and desire to do so, can practice all manner of simulated gunplay. Though the primary customer for this sort of thing is probably going to be various government agencies using federal grant monies.


I attended the offical opening ceremony on September 30. But I have gone there previously. I even attended the first Paper Steel shooting match in the United States as part of the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous.

I am in there, somewhere
I am in there, somewhere

The indoor range facilities are really nice. There are no restrictions on ammunition except hand loaded rounds are not permitted for liability reasons.

The rest of the facility is very nice. Though they were still going through some inevitable hiccups when I visited for GBR. It looks like these initial growing pains have been ironed out. I would highly recommend that if you are in the Reno area that you should drop by and have a look. If only just to see how big this place is. Gun culture in this country has been resurgent for years now and I can hardly think of a better symbol of this resurgence than the opening of a facility like this.

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