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Review of my new discount off-brand Roomba-type robotic vacuum – the Ecovacs Deebot D45

Ecovacs Deebot D45 on its charger
Ecovacs Deebot D45 on its charger


I’m no Jesse Pinkman, I can’t afford to drop 700 bucks on a brand-name Roomba…And they can cost up to a thousand dollars. But as anyone who knows me knows I’m dealing with horrible allergies, and those allergies include dust.

I used to actually enjoy vacuuming the house. My wife never liked that, but she works 45 hours a week outside the house at her office job, so I didn’t mind doing a lot of the house work. Now that I’m too sick to deal with vacuuming, and she’s too tired after a day of work and also dealing with new issues that have come up with my illness, we splurged for a dust-bot. UPS delivered it today, I ran it for an hour and I’m impressed. I’d recommend this unit to anyone who has bare floors and doesn’t want to vacuum.

Get it here on Amazon, it’s the Ecovacs Deebot D45 Bare Floor Cleaning Robot. $197 with Amazon Prime. We also paid $17.49 extra for the one-year extended warranty.

cleaning robot at work
Debot cleaning robot at work. The shamy on the bottom even shines the floor!

The Deebot D45 isn’t terribly loud, but you can hear it from the other room. But to me it’s kind of like having a pet, I had to get rid of my cats, so it’s interesting to hear something happening in the other room. You don’t need to run it non-stop. I put it together (easy) and ran it for an hour when it arrived. It cleaned several rooms and removed a good bit of dust bunnies that would otherwise end up in my lungs:

dust in trap

A couple pro tips: you need to kind of robot-proof your house before running the bot. Move things out of the way, especially cables and cords. The bot was running on Auto Mode, got caught on a laptop charging cord, and pulled the laptop crashing to the ground. The laptop is fine, but the fall broke the cable plug where it plugs into the laptop. Live and learn and I just ordered a new charger for 18 bucks. And that won’t happen again. (My wife joked, “I’m sorry the robot was jealous of your laptop! Maybe it recognized a higher life form…”)

Also, on Auto Mode (the only way I’ve run it so far, seems to work great if you prep the house a little), the little bot got stuck. I let it try to get out of here for five minutes then moved it myself:

stuck robot











I’m not sure yet how it deals with stairs, so I built a little pier out of a jacket at the top of our basement stairs:




I think I accidentally put it in “intelligent scheduling” mode, which is to have it clean at the same time every day. I turned the unit off, it was on while sitting on the charger, light glowing. Turning it off is supposed to cancel the “intelligent scheduling” mode. We’ll see. lol.

When it’s on the charger and charging and turned on, the light flashes different colors. If you turn it off, it will still charge, but no light will show.


All in all, the Ecovacs Deebot D45 seems well worth the money, and I believe it will make my health better in the long run.

–Michael W. Dean

6 thoughts on “Review of my new discount off-brand Roomba-type robotic vacuum – the Ecovacs Deebot D45

  1. Hi there,

    Glad you got the Deebot. I just want to ask, can you program it to stop at a certain time, and can you program its path? Because all I see is “Auto.” Not sure what that means….

    Kind Regards,

  2. I don’t know when you posted this but I am getting ready to purchase this unit and I am wondering about the mopping mode. Have you used the mop with it and if so how well did it work?

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