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SleepyHead – free software for reading CPAP machine data cards



(mini-review by Michael W. Dean)

SleepyHead was made by my friend Mark for interpreting and displaying CPAP machine data, but also has an Oxymiter import function. Get SleepyHead for Windows, Mac or Linux free here, (NOT on apnea board, that’s a pirate version that isn’t reliable.)

Don’t worry about Mark’s “this has shut down” notice, it’s not being devolved anymore, but works great as is.)

Be sure to LOCK your SD card before reading it (physically move the little switch on the side), and UNLOCK it (physically move the little switch on the side back) before re-inserting in your CPAP machine.

Some people on the ApneaBoard helped me read the stats, and said I’m doing WAY better with it than most people do their first week. And I’m feeling better too. (HERE is more info on where my health is at).

I just installed the SleepyHead software and checked my card, Here’s the initial info:

The last time you used your ResMed VPAP Adapt ASV…
was last night (on Friday, December 11, 2015)
You had an AHI of 1.70, which is considered reasonably good
You machine was on for 8 hours, 50 minutes and 2 seconds.
You had significant periods of major mask leakage.
Your EPAP pressure was under 14.98cmH2O for 95% of the time.
Your IPAP pressure was under 22.02cmH2O for 95% of the time.

Here are screenshots of my machine from last night (click image to see large):




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