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Feen the Homeless – Please donate


CIMG1530These digital MP3 players and the SD card for them cost ten bucks each. We have 30 of them. And some Feen radios.

I’ve loaded each of these MP3 players with the last 100 episodes of the Freedom Feens. They will make a cold winter less crappy for homeless people in Philly, where James and Steve will be handing them out.

We also have radios, and are hoping to also bring the homeless a sandwich and maybe some hot soup and coffee. If we can raise enough money. Because Man cannot live by Feens alone.


Q. So is the idea here to give homeless people radios? Because I would think they’d want clothes and food.

A. The idea is to give them radios pre-tuned to a liberty channel in their area and epoxied to only play that one channel. And we have some MP3 players filled with Freedom Feens episodes to give away. We’re also gonna give them coffee and soup. If that doesn’t suit anyone’s idea of useful charity, they should go do their own outreach.

MWD adds: I have been homeless. There are places to get a free meal and free clothing in every large city, but not much in the way of entertainment. Many homeless would welcome a free radio or MP3 player, especially along with a cup of coffee and some soup. And our show teaches values that could help them to become self-sufficient, and possibly break the cycle of poverty. “Give a man a fish…..”

Most homeless people have mind-numbingly boring days. Yes, a radio would be useful. And some of the radios we got are hand cranked, have flashlights, and can charge cell phones. That’s a big issue. Some homeless have cell phones, some are looking for work and need cell phones to get work, but have trouble keeping them charged.

Please donate to Feen the Homeless today;

Donate here, PayPal make sure to tell us it’s for the “Feen the Homeless” drive.  or BTC, 1D7Srbq8nB1U7H6phKuS2KVaNJb3oQAMAU


Playing a Freedom Feens episode.



CIMG1540Epoxing SD cards into FEEN THE HOMELESS MP3 players. And epoxying the radios to lock onto FM (will be epoxied to station in Philly, while listening to station.):




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