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Excellent water test kit for $30



Freaked out about the lead crisis in Michigan? I was. So I bought this kick-ass water test kit on Amazon. It’s easy to use and tests for many things, including lead:

  • Test Each For Bacteria, Lead and Pesticides
  • 2 Tests Each For Chlorine, Copper, Iron, Hardness, Alkalinity, pH, Nitrates, Nitrites
  • Monitor The Performance Of Your Water Treatment Equipment, Lab Certified
  • No Mailing or Lab Fees; Everything You Need Is Included In One Package

Our water tested good on everything. Our water is hard, but not dangerous. This all confirms tests we had done professionally a few years ago, for a lot more money. (We had to send that away to a lab. This you all do yourself at home.) Plus, we water filter all our drinking water.

Get it today!



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