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Freedom Feens Android App 1.0 is up on Amazon. Free!



Get it HERE:

Review it and tell two friends! And tweet and pass it on and all that!


It will be up on the Google Play store next week. That takes longer than Amazon.

Here’s the radio ad I’m having Dianna record for it:

The Freedom Feens now have a free Android app for your phone, tablet, phablet or other chromed robot turd. The app is available NOW from the Google Play Store, from Amazon, and from Freedom Feens dot com.

Lovingly hand-crafted by head hamster Michael W. Dean, the Freedom Feens Radio app allows you to Listen Live, keep up with the podcast, chat directly with other feens, get discounts on bigger buttons, brainwash yourself with a 24/7 Random Episode Feature and so much more!

You KNOW the Freedom Feens are the best libertarian radio show in the world. But when the Feens aren’t live, you can also use the app to listen to from anywhere.

The Freedom Feens Radio app is your gateway to the exclusive high-demand group that is the Freedom Feens.

Install the Freedom Feens Radio Android app today. It’s free, and it’s covered BipCot NoGov! Tell two friends. Review it on Google Play and Amazon. Prepare the inevitable death of terrestrial radio and get ready for LibPar with the Freedom Feens Radio app.



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