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Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances



How did I ever live without this thing? It’s amazing. I am using it on the powered speakers on my flat screen. Works great. Even through the next room, even through walls. Up to 100 feet. Woot!

It’s only 12 bucks on Amazon, HERE. You can even program it to control up to three outlets, if you buy additional outlets for it, but I’m only using it for one.

One thing that’s sort of not intuitive: there is a separate switch for on and for off. I was trying to use the on switch for both at first. Once you see they’re different though, it’s easy to use.

It comes with a battery. It’s an odd type of battery I’ve never seen before, an LR23A. It’s a 12-volt that looks like a AAA battery sawed in half length wise. When you need a replacement, it’s available on Amazon HERE.




Michael W. Dean

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