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The last few months things had been going fairly well for me. Then things started going pear shaped. I have a pretty serious looking problem with my car. A few other niggling issues. Then I had a nightmare, first one I had in years. I don’t remember much about it. I just remember blood. A veritable sea of blood, all over everything. I woke up that morning to the news of the Orlando Massacre.

As bad as finding out about something like that is. I knew that it was only going to get worse. Atrocities like this happen all over the world. Heck, fifty people dead in a terrorist attack seems like a pretty standard issue report following a bombing in Baghdad or some other place cursed with violent and effective terrorists. What I was dreading was the shrieking din of the media. The endless attempts to gain power by politicians, and yes the speculations of the conspiracy theory crowd. Who seems to have reached a point where they conclude that every mass shooting is some manner of diabolical conspiracy to traumatize the heck out of the American populace and get some manner of nasty political change implemented in this country.

I tend to take a more conspiratorial view of history than most people. I have seen more than enough evidence that nasty people have staged events for political purposes. Just look at the Tonkin Gulf incident that got the US government completely entrenched in Vietnam. Many people call it a false flag operation. But it wasn’t even that, those US Navy destroyers weren’t attacked by anyone or anything. They were just firing their cannons at illusions on a radar screen.

My opinion towards the “conspiracy theory” crowd will be something I will probably never go into in a public forum. The reason why I bring up Tonkin Gulf is that wether it was a false flag, serious military operation, or just a bunch of trigger happy sailors barking in the dark with five inch cannon shells what matters is that some really nasty people profited from this incident. While literally millions of people in several countries. Including our own were forced to suffer for the hunger of these monsters.

The same old rituals are used. The actors change, but those collecting the profits are the same old bunch of oligarchs. They keep pulling the same bullshit over and over again because it seems however much power that they have. And they have plenty, they always want more. To that end the usual cry for gun control to appeal to the left and rounding up all the Muslims to appeal to the right has gone out from all the major news sources. I find the perfect crystallization of this insane political dichotomy in the interview linked above.

The first thing I saw on late night TV last night was one Jimmy Fallon calling for calm and mutual respect. I have a pretty low opinion of Fallon. I just don’t find him funny at all. But after seeing what he said last night I do respect him. I very much appreciate what he said, and it sounded like it came from as neutral a political position as a guy like him could possibly manage. Then the Colbert show started. No opening monologue, just shrieking about guns then rolling straight into this ridiculous interview.

I like to think of myself as the anti Bill O’Reilly. As far as I am concerned the only thing we have in common is that we are both white guys, but even I was shocked at what he said here. So, internment camps were a bad idea when FDR did it to the Japanese, but now that we are dealing with Muslims they are a good idea? And his statement about a declaration of war and NATO! Ye gods, what does he think NATO has been doing in Syria and Iraq for the past couple years, dropping flowers!? No, they have been dealing in fire and steel with various jihadist groups in both these countries for quite some time.

This was not an interview. This was a delivery of orders to every statist who watches these shows. What was discussed in this interview, if implemented, would probably ignite a civil war in this country. Ironically enough it wouldn’t just set off the right wingers. It would probably also set off a variety of left wingers and even moderates. Sure, internment camps for Muslims would probably sound great to your typical confederate flag waving right wing cliche. But it wouldn’t take too long for them to find out that there aren’t all that many Muslims in this country. Once they were dealt with, it would be their turn to burn in the camps.

Despite the fact that I believe that I have a fairly good understanding of the mind of the typical statist. Along with the conclusion that they have no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. I was amazed by the sheer callousness of this act. This grandstanding on the bodies of fifty people. The sheer ignorance and insulation of these statements made by people who have absolutely no understanding of the realities of war, or even basic human behavior. So, I leave you with two questions.

You have your orders, will you follow them? And do you think you will be able to live with the consequences of your actions?

Eminently quotable.

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