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Bad-audio podcast from some people who used to be in the Freedom Feens



13466304_1000688183332844_45270554364182423_nOK, I’m not actually firing anyone over this, but I’m SERIOUSLY embarrassed for y’all. The audio on this aftershow is SO HORRIBLE that you should all be physically removed, so to speak. Have I taught you NOTHING?

And I actually did some audio fluffing and folding. This shit sounds BETTER than what you sent me. I did what I could, but you know, “garbage in, garbage out.”

I don’t wanna hear excuses, there are none. I don’t care that you’re in the woods without your gear. You DO have gear, you did 4 shows that sounded good, with my and Derrick’s help. Plus people brought mixers, mics and computers.

But this recording is SAD. I could do better sound than this on a fucking phone. Seriously. I have. I can’t believe you used the name “Freedom Feens” in this.

I’m not even going to name you all by name, so you can thank me for that. But there’s no fucking way I’m putting this up on the Feens site proper. So I’m putting it on the Feens blog. Hell, that’s me doing you a favor. I should put this on the Creamy Radio Audio site and call it “Long example of what NOT to do.”

You all owe the world amends for thinking this is good. It’s not going in the Feens streaming, it’s not going in the Feens archive, torrent, or anything. And I even uploaded it twice, because the first time it had the words “Freedom Feens” and my name in the auto-MP3 tagging I did after I helped the audio. Then I remembered that, and stripped that shit out and re-uploaded it without any mention of me or our brand I’ve worked so hard to make.

Man. Ugh. Shit. The audio on this sounds like the way a stage looks and smells after GG Allin plays. Ugh. Y’all need to all hang your heads and go watch my guide on getting good audio. If you’ve watched it, watch it again. But wait until you’re sober.

Half-assery like this is why I don’t have much hope for liberty in my lifetime. This audio sets liberty back at least 2500 hours.

I still love each and every one of you. But if I die and you put out anything like this under the name Freedom Feens I will haunt and hunt all of you with a voodoo vengeance that will make you wish you’d learned something from me about good audio. And if there is no afterlife, I hope your listeners pee on your homes.

–This is all said with a smile, but Jesus Motherfucking Worms. MWD

3 thoughts on “Bad-audio podcast from some people who used to be in the Freedom Feens

  1. You could call that episode, clog dancing inside a steel tank. Or Orwell’s room 101, statist re-indoctrination version of the freedom feens. 😉

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