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This home office chair will extend your lifespan


….quite possibly literally. I feel it will extend mine. Or at least make my life more worth living.

It’s the SPACE Seating Professional R2 SpaceGrid Back Chair with Padded Memory Foam Eco Leather Seat, Platinum Finish Adjustable Managers Chair. Was $350 plus I got the 3-year extended warranty for 38 bucks more. 400 bucks is a LOT to spend on a chair, but I have back issues so it’s worth it. I’ve had this chair a week and feel better already.

It’s easy to put together, but you’ll need to watch this video to see how to adjust it. (Video features lady who spent over two weeks attending the prestigious Hollywood Upstairs Spokesmodeling School.)

The one thing not covered in the video is that if you lock it from tipping back (she shows you how), it will feel much better, and you won’t feel like you’re falling forward slightly. I am guessing that any of the not-five star reviews on Amazon were people who did not figure that out. Also, experiment with adjusting the height of the lumbar support in the back until someone standing behind trying to slip their finger between your back and the mesh can’t easily slip the finger in there.

The chair is even stylish, though that’s a much lower priority to me than comfort. And I sit a LOT. I do a radio show plus I am always involved in a bunch of software or media projects. I basically live in my chair, and this one is more comfortable than any I’ve ever had. And in just one week, my constant low-level back pain has lessened, and I have a little spring in my step I haven’t had in years.

All in all I love this chair, and can’t find anything negative to say about it except the price. But even at this price, how much is it worth to you to have less back pain? I give this chair six out of five stars.

I added a cheap little pad to make me sit a tiny bit higher in it. Even at the top height, it felt about 1/4 inch too low, but you may not need that. I have strange needs:


Enjoy, and to you health!

–Michael W. Dean
Freedom Feens radio show

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