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Double your Gnosis, a review of 2 preeminent Gnostic podcasts.



Every now and then people come to this area of teh internetz looking for information or at least a conversation about religion and they go wanting. With Mr Dean being a deist and Mr Vedadi being something short of a hardcore religious practitioner the subject of religion usually goes nowhere fast on this podcast. With the exception of the crazies in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and usually only then because these religions, used in the hands of said crazies for serious tyranny. But that’s okay, religion isn’t everyones bag and comparative religion is almost no ones bag.

Note however that I said almost no one, in the vast desert of the real, hidden in a remote corner of the electronic Lib-Par full of collectivist rusty bear traps that is the internet there are 2 sources for information on comparative religion which I have found to be of a far higher quality and quantity than anywhere else I have stumbled upon. Not ironically, my beloved truth seekers they both have Gnostic in the name. Gnostic Media and Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

I should stress that Aeon Byte, broadcast by Miguel Connor from the lawful dystopia of Chicago deals mainly with subjects of a religious matter while Gnostic Media covers an almost ridiculously diverse plethora of subjects. Gnostic Media, under the auspices of Jan Irvin is the one I would recommend going to first, simply because the information you are going to be exposed to is going to be so mind-blowing that you will need to alter your very thought processes, starting with a briefing on the trivium and other things to really get your brain going.

The tone of both shows leans more towards The Bad Quaker and Anarchy Gumbo than any other podcasts I listen to, in that they are shows that take the subject matter, which is often tyranny of some sort into a room and beat it to death as opposed to randomly picking on whatever cruelty du jour happens to float by. Although I should stress that Mr Connor’s tone to his show opening diatribes often sounds like a person on the edge of utter madness. I suspect that this is on purpose, but I will leave that conclusion up to you. Sound quality is good and there is nothing I can really complain about from a technical perspective.

Before you start going through all the information from both these sources, set aside some time. Secondly these shows are usually done on an interview basis and a great amount of detail is gone into. Even if you are an anarchist and you think you see all the violence inherent in the system you can’t even begin to imagine the width, depth and breadth of corruption and madness we have been dealing with throughout history. If you have any interest whatsoever in the history of hallucinogenic drugs Gnostic Media is currently doing some mind-boggling work on that subject.

Secondly the one thing that always seems to come up in listening to either of these podcasts or going through the other information provided is that the difference between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction has to make sense.

I would also like to include some of my own observations on gnosticism, I identify myself as one when people ask what my religion is. I used to identify myself as a nondenominational Protestant. Though that was mainly because of an inherited cultural hatred of Catholics, which I think I have gotten past. At least I think I have, but I still have a considerable dislike of the excesses and corruption of the Catholic church itself, but that’s my hang up.

The thing about the Gnostics is that the various ancient Gnostic sects were almost all destroyed out. Gnostic translates as one who knows, to me Gnosticism means critical thinking which is usually anathema to numerous religious authorities throughout the centuries who wiped out the Gnostics for whatever reason. The subject of personal defense rarely comes up on either of these podcasts, a stated intention of the freedom feens is to try to link up the more left leaning intellectual anarchists with the armed right wingers, and what you find here, while certainly not partisan, or for that matter abhorrent to defensive violence. Heck Connor often includes.”This is where we fight, this is where they die!”. From the movie 300 in his opening diatribe, but they are certainly what one would call intellectual types.

In short if you would like to really expand your intellectual horizons, or you would just like some incredible facts to bash statists upside the head with, have a listen to Aeon Byte and Gnostic Media podcasts. If not then have a listen anyway, pick a subject of some interest to you and put that thing between your ears to serious work.

5/5 stars for both.

And incidentally if anyone here has listened to either of these podcasts before please mention it in the comments

5 thoughts on “Double your Gnosis, a review of 2 preeminent Gnostic podcasts.

  1. And just for the record.

    This was taken from

    Andrew then teamed up with Jan Irvin and was pushed even further back as the two of them wrote a book and produced a film together. Gnostic Media was then left completely in the capable hands of Jan Irvin, allowing Andrew to focus on his solo projects (just to squash any internet rumors; Jan and Andrew remain colleagues and friends).  In 2008, Andrew acquired sponsorship from Bouncing Bear Botanicals to produce the film, Manifesting the Mind – Footprints of the Shaman. Today, Andrew is completely independent and focusing on once again. This website is now his blog, as well as the platform for his entire body of work and his future projects.

  2. Well that’s just your opinion man, apparently you have never heard of a fellow named alex jones, now there is a guy who sounds like he is on the edge if a nervous breakdown.

    The centurion has crossed the line in the sand and knows it; how great is his reward?

  3. I recommend going to Jan Irvin’s facebook and you can witness Irvin having a mental breakdown ie losing is mind. Threatening people, calling them names. Just really bizarre behavior. The gnostic media website, founded by Andrew Rutajit, hijacked by Irvin. Is, now, nothing more than the latest, and old, popular internet conspiracy Memes, that many are quite familiar with.

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