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A question of quality.


I still listen to Stefan Molyneux from time to time.

Okay, go ahead and pick your jaws up off the floor and read the rest of this article.

I still listen to him for the occasional bit of odd information that I don’t find quickly elsewhere. That said I listen to him less and less. His tone was always a bit pretentious, with each new episode it seems to be getting worse. He keeps repeating one thing in particular that makes me angrier and angrier everytime he says it. Some variation of,

“you wouldn’t buy a diet book written by a fat guy.”

This ticks me off not so much because I am a fat guy. It ticks me off because it means that he is about to go off into these odd philosophical tangents about how libertarians-Voluntarists-Anarchists-Whatever have to hold themselves to some pretty high standards if we are going to see any change in the world.

I know I am speaking for a great many people when I say, fuck that. Nevermind that the typical statist is not going to stand back and not oppress someone because they hold themselves to some set of standards. There is the simple fact that the overwhelming mass of humanity will not go along with those standards. Wether you are teaching them to someone, or forcing them down someone’s throat at bayonet point people will always attempt defiance. Going all the way across the spectrum of resistance from armed resistance to nonviolent noncompliance. Perhaps just refusal to work.

It seems to be an iron law of the universe that anytime you go on about holding a group of people to some standard people will not live up to those standards. Nevermind that holding yourself to some impossibly high standard is… You know, impossible. There is also the fact that the ego demands defiance. Expecting a pack of anarchists to fall into line as an army of loyal followers is absurdity ascendant. To say something about Molyneux’s own standards, just for the record. Claiming you are an anarchist. Then throwing your weight behind a politician, even if he does have a much more magnificent head of hair than you do is an act of hypocrisy.

I really didn’t want to have this article be an excoriation of Molyneux’s hypocritical and annoying behavior. He just makes for an absolutely irresistible target. What I wanted it to be was a request to my readers to seek out and improve the quality of your own lives. On your own terms, not mine, or Barack Obamas, or even Molyneux’s. In a fumbling attempt to practice what I preach I went to a gym this weekend. I, uh still am not walking right. It’s gonna be a little while until I can go back.

That doesn’t mean that I am going to stop trying to improve myself and my circumstances. If you have read this blog before you know that I am trying to become a better writer, I have a rather upper middle class taste in weaponry and I really like a good movie with a bit of action in it. A couple of days ago I looked up a scene from one of my favorite movies. Sky Fighters

I once heard this movie described as a French knockoff of Top Gun. I disagree, I consider it an improved copy. With 40% more creativity and 100% less simmering homoeroticism. While I was watching this I noticed in the related videos, the final battle scene in Independence Day Resurgence. So I clicked on it thinking, “the reviews were pretty bad, how bad can it be?”


Comparing the two scenes, there is no real comparison. Sky Fighters is a film where the stakes are much lower than ID2 and almost everyone is speaking a language I don’t understand that well. But the acting, writing, quality of production and everything else is simply on another level of filmmaking compared to ID2. I highly recommend that you give it a watch. For a military movie its not an endless session of flag waving. It certainly has a few interesting things to say about the relationship between modern terrorism and the organs of the state of France.

Another thing to consider. The scene from Sky Fighters is at the start of the movie. The ID2 scene is supposed to be the big dramatic finale.

I know ID2 is a mass market movie and that any mass market product isn’t going to be made as well as something for select audiences. Still even when compared to the original ID2 is a disaster of too many jumbled plotlines, crappy special effects and way too much effort to try to create a whole cinematic universe. A trap entirely too many films are falling into these days.

There are levels to all things. We may all want the highest quality in everything. But few of us can afford it. What we can do is make sure that we attempt to maintain our standards. Yet also acknowledge that we are all only human and that standards will slip from time to time and nobody is going to be perfect doing something for the first time.

One of the ultimate ironies of government is that government contracts, especially in the US often specify specific standards to everything. Absurdly specific standards that result in very carefully made hammers and toilet seats that aren’t functionally better than an off the shelf unit. But wind up costing say $900 where a $30 hammer would have done the same thing. In that case a quest for quality has caused a serious decline in quality as so much money is being spent on minutia that work can’t be done on other things.

Perhaps the worst and weirdest case I have ever seen of penny wise and pound foolish.

So go out there and attempt to be the quality you wish to see in the world. Whatever it may be. Know that we all fall short of perfection. But that you are okay with that providing we all stick to the nonaggression principle.

Oh, but whatever you do, don’t let Michael hear you making a shitty audio recording and don’t watch Independence Day Resurgence. It’s time that people started striking at the root of crap big budget films.

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