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ATT Mind radio and Guns of Hollywood podcast review.


It’s been too long since I have done a podcast review, so how about a pair that make for a really odd contrast? I like to think that I have widely varying tastes in things of an intellectual matter. So how about a sampling from two subject matter that wouldn’t ordinarily be seen anywhere near each other.

Guns of Hollywood is part of the Firearms radio network, a podcast stream with a refreshingly diverse collection of firearms, and sometimes very peripherally related to firearms podcasts. I had the idea to do a show similar to GoH back in 2010, however I didn’t go ahead with it at the time, primarily because I didn’t know anything about podcasting at the time and to be honest, I really don’t like the sound of my own voice. That said I am glad that someone else picked up on the idea.

Those someone’s being Sam Asner and Allie Howe. Once a week they realize an episode analyzing the writing, acting and of course the guns of various movies and TV shows released over the years. Not limited by the inexplicable self imposed rules of most film review podcasts I have listened to, they cover it all. Their conversation is witty and well paced, the audio quality of more recent episodes is good and the occasional guest is a refreshing addition to the dialog. That said, some of their earlier episodes had some audio quality issues, as many new podcasts do. I was one of a few people who wrote in to tell them to step up their game on that front.

ATT Mind Radio deals with completely different subjects, psychedelics mostly. The show is hosted by one James W Jesso. There seem to be more and more psychedelic themed podcasts floating around nowadays. However some are lacking a the use of care and critical thinking when dealing with these substances. If there is one thing that I would like to get across to anyone using psychedelics it is that you should be extremely careful and do plenty of research beforehand. It’s probably not needed to read a massive and somewhat dry tome like The Antipodes of the mind before any use of these substances. But care and critical thought are absolutely essential. There are entirely too many people out there who got their brains fried or wound up in some kind of weird cult because of careless dabbling in psychedelia.

Mr Jesso comes across as someone who uses care and critical thought. Episodes are released on an occasional basis and it is an interview format show. Around an hour long, though often longer. Audio quality in episodes I have listened to recently is decent. Not perfect, although one of the more recent episodes, specifically episode 43 had such abysmal sound that I had to give up halfway through, even though it was an interesting subject.

In short I rate both podcasts as a 5/5. If you are interested in either guns or psychedelics I recommend you have a listen for yourself. If you are some modern day Hunter S Thompson and you haven’t heard of either of these shows yet, you’re welcome.

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