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New from Intergalactic Prairie Studios – 2018 roundup


Free app for BipTunia, Android only. Streams every one of our songs, will be updated. Check it out and please review on Google play, and please share:

All BipTunia music. Listen here,

and review on Amazon or iTunes  ( don’t need to buy, you just need to have an account.) Please share to friends too. On Amazon, especially please review the most recent two of the four albums, “Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” and “Brace Yourself for a Blast.”

Third Edition of $30 Film School. If you want a free copy to review, email me.

I’m currently preparing my 2004 book $30 Music School book for a second edition update.

Also, we’re fading out Feens buttons and some stickers, if you wanna order some, do it now, they’ll be gone soon. I’ll throw in some stickers too. If that page is still up, I still have some.

Anyone who wants some free BipTunia download cards to give out, email me with an address, and let me know how many you want. 25? 100? 200? I’ll send some free BipTunia stickers too.

Keep the cool stuff flowing, help out with expenses, even if it’s only a few dollars a month.

If you want to donate one time via PayPal or crypto, go here.

I run a 24/7/365 streaming internet radio station, Cuss-Free Liberty. It’s like LRN without cussing. I don’t mind cussing, but some people use this to program radio stations. And it’s good for turning people on to liberty who might be turned off by cussing. There’s also a free app, and even a call-in phone number to listen.

And unlike LRN, there are no ads! (except any ads that are inside a podcast. I add no ads between shows.)

This is a free service that makes no money and costs me 200 dollars a year to keep going (streaming server costs.)

If you’re a content creator, please consider using our BipCot NoGov license

This allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame.
If you use it, let us know, and we’ll add you to the site and promote you a bit.

Freedom Feens just celebrated 7 years of media. We’re still around, still on radio, and do one or two shows a week. We also have a free Android app, here. It includes the latest episodes, and also a 24/7 streaming link of all episodes ever.  This app is a free service that makes no money and costs me 200 dollars a year to keep going (streaming server costs.)
If you’re not on Android, the streaming link is here.

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