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A review of the movie 2016.


If you are reading this blog then you are probably ahead of the curve if you can quote Molyneux, Rothbard and Rand off the top of your head you are probably further ahead of the curve than I am. But if you are here then you are probably far enough on the curve to understand that there are tiers of information available. Freedom Feens is pretty high up there, it’s something which in my opinion is only for a select few. Oh it’s not censored or forbidden, but the very concepts that are brought up here are anathema to most people due to years of indoctrination. To crudely ripoff Ben Stone.
“You can’t make someone into a libertarian they have to come to a realization of something they already knew.”
The information about how the world is that most people are expected to consume is found on the nightly news, CNN, MSNBC, most newspapers, everywhere. Then there is this stuff, only intended for those who have either an unquenchable thirst for knowledge or who can understand and laugh at the cruel joke that is statism and the initiation of force.

But what not too many people know about is the secondary catch mechanisms. Those information sources which are a bit hidden and claim to be the truth, but aren’t. Most of these are revealed with a simple consideration of N.A.P. Or the trivium method which I strongly advise that you look into yourself.
A few days ago I went into one of these secondary catch nets, the movie 2016, based on the book, “The roots of Obama’s rage”, by Dinesh D’Souza A movie which claims to untangle mr. Obama’s part in the complicated geopolitical mess that he has somehow made an even worse cluster-foxtrot of than the adventures of his faux cowboy predecessor.
The movie gets off to a start that really speaks to me as an immigrant, mr D’Souza starts off talking about where he came from, his childhood in India and his education at Dartmouth. He tells an anecdote about talking to a hipster who commented on his Indian origin. Paraphrasing somewhat the conversation went like this.

“Oh, India, I always wanted to go there but I never got around to it, fascinating place.”
“Whats so fascinating about it.”
“Its just so liberating.”
“Liberating? What’s so liberating about the caste system, honor crimes, and corruption like you can’t imagine?”

At which point the hipster walks away.

After explaining his post college years in the Reagan administration he starts talking about Obama and how he and Obama have similar arcs to the stories of their lives. Then he starts observing some of the more curious, rotten and downright obscure decisions of this administration. Such as returning a bust of Churchill to England, supporting the Argentine claim on the Falkland islands and the bombing of Libya.
From there mr D’Souza begins an investigation of the origins of the presidents mindset through investigations of his own writings, interviews with people who knew Obama and his family and various other relevant persons.
The information is solid and well presented, it doesn’t use any info that seems  speculative or specious. Production values seemed good and I enjoyed most of the movie.
Note that I said most of the movie, the information presented seems solid, however the narrator is presenting it through the lens of his own bias. Which is to say that he is a hardcore mainline republican. So he spends most of the movie tooting the economic benefits and honor of Republican/conservative/ warmongering/neocolonialism, and for that matter old fashioned English colonialism. Over what he perceives as Barack Obama’s liberal/communistic/anti-colonialist mindset.
But as far as I am concerned the movie goes touring through the oddest part of crazy-town when D’Souza prophesies the complete nuclear disarmament of the US and the rise of a united states of Islam enveloping all the Islamic states of the middle east and north Africa.
Anyone who would make such a claim has a poor understanding of Islam and history. For one thing to create this superstate first you would have to remedy the great schism within Islam. Which would likely require the mass murder of an awful lot of Shia Muslims, and the complete destruction of Iran. Or the liquidation of a great many Sunni Muslims, starting with the most powerful Sunni country, Saudi Arabia.
Never mind the fact that a unified Islamic caliphate was created in these territories some years after the death of Mohammed, and it didn’t work out very well back then in the days when maintaining a giant empire was a much more realistic proposition.
Before we come to the end I must add that the movie does suggest at what I consider to be the real truth of this story. It mentions a communist named Frank Marshal Davis who mentored the young Barack Obama. I have yet to do my own research on this but compare photos of the young Barack to Barack the elder. Then to the rest of the large Obama family, then to Frank Marshal Davis, hmmm.
For more information on this subject I would recommend going here.

In the end though I can only give this movie a three out of five, it is potentially very dangerous to anyone without critical thinking. And I just can’t cotton to ringing endorsements of the chaos and crimes of the colonial period.

2 thoughts on “A review of the movie 2016.

  1. Well this is a movie that definitely suggests that voting republican it is the right thing to do to fix all this.

    What am I saying suggests, it shreiks it!

  2. Good article, I love movies that criticize Obummer (or any other politician for that matter) my only fear however is that this will be used as propaganda to encourage people to vote for “the other guy” I wish that more libertarians had the time/resources to create films that exposed the tyranny of the state as a whole. I know we are making headway, but at times it’s frustrating seeing how many folks still buy into the BS. Keep up the good work.

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