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MICHAEL W. DEAN (blogging as MWD, and also the main cat herder for this whole big multi-user blog project).

Michael W. Dean was a handful at a very young age. He tested extremely high on aptitude tests, but was asked to leave his public school due to his very vocal hatred of authority figures. (Examples here, here, here, here and here.) He was later kicked out of the private all-boys Church Farm School for calling the headmaster a β€œfat, bald, overtly Christian old fart.” Michael flunked out of college because he skipped too many classes β€œso I could go to the library and actually learn something.” Michael now makes films, podcasts and writes book. Longer bio here.





Hesperus is a pseudonym referencing the poem Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem wreck of the Hesperus. Oddly this Hesperus is not very interested in poetry. He is a professional job seeker and firearms and aviation enthusiast currently living in the desolate lands of northern Nevada with a near encyclopedic but almost useless knowledge of stuff people are not supposed to know about. Interests: Comparative religion, Governmental structures, Aviation. Historical study, Combined sciences, Firearms, Movie critique, Financial scandals, Science, Engineering.








Derrick Slopey (blogging as DerrickSlopey)
Derrick is a laid back an-cap from the woods of Maine. A professional software engineer, he currently limits most of his activism to coding for liberty minded friends, and evangelizing about disruptive technologies. Creator of the Silver Calculator App for Windows Phone.



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  1. I think we should set a date for collaboration. I think christmas would be a good day. Especially if Neema is doing the scary demon voice. We gotta do something. FUCK

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