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When trying to solve problems creates bigger problems, or. The fallacy of technology worship.


Why do people demand the impossible? Because that is a big part of what drives humanity forward! Wishing for the impossible is an inevitable consequence of the human condition. If it wasn’t for imagination, determination, our intelligence and ability to use tools better than any…



I’m going full tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist today. If that bothers you, please take solace in the fact that some day you’ll be dead, and everyone you ever loved will be dead. All you ever created or care for will wither and die. The Earth will…

PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST happens a little more each time you seed the Freedom Feens’ media.


If Freedom Feens torrents can get Israel and Arabs to agree on something, we’re doing better than any government. Where’s OUR Nobel Peace Prize? You should SEED the FEENS for WORLD PEACE! (By the way, when I interviewed Hubert Selby Jr, he said the Cold…

The best summation of the problems in the Middle East I have ever seen.


A few days ago I mentioned to a friend that one of my favorite things was to tell someone the partial answer to a question, often a real puzzler and watch them go,”ahh.” as they piece together the rest of the puzzle in their heads….

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