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Ben Stone (Bad Quaker) and Michael Dean (Freedom Feens) Talking in the Late Afternoon


Not many people notice that everything Ben Stone and Michael Dean record is done very early in the day. That’s because they both tend to “sundown” and get a little less sharp as the day goes on. Since this is a teaching hospital, here’s a…

The willful ignorance, it burns! or We are all draftees in the FSA


Time is a fire in which we all burn, I forget where I heard that. I disagree, time can be a problem, no doubt but I think ignorance is the fire in which we all burn. In the area where I live this has become…

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest


It all started with a couple of people sitting around saying, “We should go camping this summer.” That was in the beginning of the year. Then the idea came about to turn this into a group event. An event was created on Facebook that brought together…

The triumph of ennui, stagnation in the aerospace industrial complex.


Last night I had the strangest dream, that I went for a nice little jog with the bad Quaker and a fighter ace from the Korean War era. This dream was odd for several reasons, the biggest being that I have been told that mr…

FIXED Bad Quaker top 50 episodes, featuring Ben Stone. BitTorrent Archive


(We fixed the issues with this, this torrent will download to 100% reliably. Please delete old one (torrent and data) and download this and seed it instead. Thanks and sorry about that, it wasn’t our fault, it happens once in a while, computers are an…

A Directory Of Liberty Podcasts


The mainstream media just doesn’t cater to the real liberty folks. For the most part, the only media that you can expect is the same old, warmed over statist talking points. Occasionally, the thought controllers are willing to throw us a bone and give us…

Don’t Drone the Bad Quaker, Bro!


These nice, clean-cut young men are about to “stop by and say hi!”, ‘Murica style!: Worms! Please share! Did you know that the Freedom Feens coined the phrase “Don’t Drone Me Bro!”? It’s in the last scene of the Guns and Weed movie, from late…

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