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Ben Stone (Bad Quaker) and Michael Dean (Freedom Feens) Talking in the Late Afternoon


Not many people notice that everything Ben Stone and Michael Dean record is done very early in the day. That’s because they both tend to “sundown” and get a little less sharp as the day goes on. Since this is a teaching hospital, here’s a…

Don’t Drone the Bad Quaker, Bro!


These nice, clean-cut young men are about to “stop by and say hi!”, ‘Murica style!: Worms! Please share! Did you know that the Freedom Feens coined the phrase “Don’t Drone Me Bro!”? It’s in the last scene of the Guns and Weed movie, from late…

A Gun for Everyone (except the government)


I’ve had the concept for this song and the basic hook in my head for months. A couple of days after the Newtown Massacre I woke up and felt inspired to put this out into the world to respond to the gun controllers. Michael heard…

Ron Paul comes out as an anarchist


(Blog post by Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens.) For over a year, Neema Vedadi and I have been predicting on the Freedom Feens podcast and radio shows that after Ron Paul finished with politics, he would come out as a full-on anarcho-capitalist. (Examples…

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