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Let’s get surreal. A salad of random reviews.


I really don’t know why someone would bother with fiction. There have been so many weird things that have happened in real life that no one could have ever imagined. Gil Biggerstaff. Ever have one of those days when things just flowed together? I don’t…

A matter of perspective.


Uncorked, Harquist– that bow-tied, blinking gnome–continues in his reedy voice. “For centuries we endeavored to, so to speak, ‘pick the lock’ to our cell. We’re far too advanced for that now. Five thousand tears ago, we didn’t understand the god power–now we do. Our scientists…

Entrek Force Recon, for most of your slicing and chopping needs.


  Still life, fighting knife, pistol with creamy ivory-polymer grips, receptacles and 2 coins. I freely admit that I enjoy the finer things, when I can afford them. But I find that almost every purchase I make has to be justified down to the Nth…

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